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By Darren Richardson on Apr 29, 2015


By Michael Essany on Apr 28, 2015


By Darren Richardson on Apr 10, 2015


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How Pandora read 'last-click attribution' its last rites

By Joe Kukura on May 22, 2015

People have traditionally gotten paid in the online ad industry via a model we call last-click attribution. It’s basically a way of giving credit to whichever publisher’s link effectively made the sale, considering that the viewer has already seen the ad 16 or so times before getting out their credit card and buying the product. Through the use of a Web tool called a cookie, marketers have been able to evaluate how many times a buyer has seen the ad and whose ad gets the credit for motivating the buyer to close the deal. It’s a very fair way of doing things! But it has been rendered completely useless by the emergence of mobile devices, where apps play a massively larger role in the conversion funnel. Cookies are an irrelevant factor for in-app purchases, a phenomenon that has confounded d

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