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Iranian lawmaker accuses US of hijacking Malaysia Airlines plane
First face-to-face sit down between US, Russia hits diplomatic roadblock
Biden accuses Venezuela of fabricating conspiracy theories against US
Japan, US take different positions on 'grey zone' military threats posed by China
Ukraine's interim prime minister to visit White House over Crimean crisis
Russia: Sanctions over Ukraine crisis would 'boomerang' back on US
Finding the enemy inside - federal agencies to fix strategy, technology loopholes
US threatens to impose sanctions on Russia over Ukraine crisis
Russia's parliament pledges to back Crimean referendum
Ted Cruz calls Obama most hostile US president towards Israel
Hagel confirms stepped up collaboration with European allies over Ukraine crisis
Defense Department warns against N. Korean threat to US
US pledges $1 billion aid for Ukraine as Kerry lands in Kiev
Obama: The window for peace deal between Israel, Palestine is closing
Russia: Yanukovych requested troops to restore peace in Ukraine
‘Gravity' bags 7 Oscars at the 86th Academy Awards
Russia's G8 partners condemn Moscow's military buildup in Ukraine
Russian senators planning to recall Moscow's ambassador to US
Russian parliament approves military intervention in Ukraine
China calls US report on human rights abuse 'irresponsible'
Obama: US deeply concerned over Russian military movement in Ukraine
Biden pledges US support to the de facto leader of Ukraine
Ousted Ukrainian president spotted in Moscow
Facebook's WhatsApp acquisition demonstrates emerging technology trends around the world
Kerry calls Russian intervention in Ukraine 'hypocritical'
White House: Actions of Ukraine's president undermine his legitimacy
Obama pushes Karzai to sign security deal as Defense Department prepares for withdrawal of troops
Angela Merkel visits Israel to discuss Iran's nuclear deal, Palestinian conflict
Proposed cuts to US Army will result in fewest service men in decades
Governors believe Obamcare is here to stay despite weaknesses