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July 2010
Unified field scientist,who has developed FIT-Future Imaging Tool which forecast one year in advance Natural Disasters like Tsunami,Earthquake,volcano eruption and manmade disasters like Union carbidetragedy ,Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill like event,RDX blasts in Embassies,offices,Towns,Railways,Planes ,Cars etc.world scientist are welcome to see and test FITtechnology. 1-Future Imaging Tool FIT technology to forecast tsunami ... - YouTube www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4XqqVyk5xI13 May 2011 - 15 min - Uploaded by vksonakia vksonakia 1 week ago. see YOU TUBE VK SONAKIA. 2-FIT-Future Imaging tool or Certainty tool technology developed which is ... First American Publisher of books M/s Dorrance sisiter concern M/s RoseDog Publication has published book on FIT technology Seeing Is Believing: First Time in World - Google Books Result V. K. Sonakia - 2009 - Science - 115 pages ... The Greatest and nobel pleasure which man can have in this world is to discover new truths. And the next is to shake oft old prejudices " Compiled by VK ... books.google.co.in/books?isbn=1434993310... 3-BigPatents India - VIPIN KUMAR SONAKIA india.bigpatents.org/names/83262 127/MUM/2004 - Published: 2007-03-30 - VIPIN KUMAR SONAKIA. The invention relates to detect & predict man-made natural disasters one year in advance. By . ... regards vksonakia
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Supersymmetry exist in CERN Lab of Humanbody not in experiment in CERN .Brain is receiverAnd transmitter and CPU or Time machine which stores past Future of an individual,city,country or future disaster .
Prevention is better than cure-South Korean Jeju Island Ferry disaster 290 missing.Appeal to President Hon.Park Geun-hye of South Korea –Use FIT technology to see disaster one year in advance to neutralize it.
Original Search-Original Science-Why Truth is suppressed – else you can see your future .Help yourself to save valuable Life
Mr.Ajit Seth I.A.S.cabinet Secretary extended help to Inventor but false report given by Mr.Neeraj Kumar Secreatry Allahabad Academy of Science is responsible for death of citizens in Earthquake(kedar nath),C130 Hercules Plane crash, Submarine Sindhu Rakshak . Law makers are Law breakers who will protect Law. Kindly Set up enquiry to give justice in 30 days time
Music is soul of GOD –Listen to ilse ILSEMUSIC Twitter I AM Human on you tube
He-man,Superman,Hatim,Santa-cluas,Vikramaditya reincarnation to save mankind on Earth is FIT technology which exist in each Human body-wake up activate this SIM in iphone of PALMTOP to save mankind.Angel or,Devil act
Human body is Bio computer of GOD or Aliens or Nature where script of your role on Earth & Forewarning chart of disaster which can happen with you is written.Destiny-Certainty-Intuition,Premonition.Death(Disaster not prevented is)
Quantum theory is deception.Resemblance between Nicola Tesla & 1 $ Cost FIT technology which is applied reality based technology to forecast future disasters.like Earthquake,Plane crash,Naval disasters,tsunami,RDX Blast,Dam Burst,Nuclear Radiation.
My July 26 2013(8 month back ) scientific Forecast about Earthquake in Los Angeles has come true on 28-3-2014 .Pray to GOD, not to repeat Earthquake-Inventor vk sonakia message
Adopt FIT technology -Create Transparent Science Forum to see Air crash one year in advance Kind attention –Mr A.K.Antony Defence Minister,Mr.Arup Raha Air chief Marshal,Why super-safe PlaneSuper Hercules ,Boeing crashed inspite of Best Pilots in march 2014?
Instead of Hard copy of Passport Why not softcopy via e governance get recognition Internationally ? Announce National International Policy .
Why we do not allow Poll via Internet/mobile and allow citizen to cast vote within 25 days time and this will save 10000 crore Rs per year?
Good or Bad Aura . Human Aura with Negative Biosensors is root cause of Malaysian Airline MH – 370 Disaster-. Invite me to Malaysia scientific proof will be given to save future Air crashes.
Concrete jungle,Internet,Television –This is your life ,You live in –Plants,Animals,Birds and music –water fountain can remove your illness,mental stress FIT technology analysis-Japan trip- Best Vending machine –anti skid device at metro
Time machine –Universe ,Mother Earth ,Humanbody,Flora ,fauna are wifi ,biosensor connected consciousness based integral part .7 colour spectrum is Human mind- Happy Holi- welcome Golden age Arrival
How 5% Biosensor data of both hands can save world ? Set up Biosensor Forum . It can save your life from Plane crash Naval submarine disaster ,from Earthquake,Tsunami,Floods Atomic radiation.Send me data so I can help you.Appeal to citizen of Planet Earth
Why 239 Passenger died in Malaysian Airline 777 20 crash? Whether Air crash can be forecasted one year in advance? Yes. Appeal to Government of Malaysia, china,India to see New Life saving Invention.
Appeal to citizens,brothers and sisters of Japan ,Save Japan Compaign from Earthquake,Tsunami -Help me to get in touch with Japanese scientists who wish to learn FIT technology to save Place of Birth .
You are nobody or Hero -0, my devotee or Athiest Allow me to do your work as per my wish –GOD or Aliens –Name Fame-Defame,Profit ,Loss ,Life and Death,Why I am born on Earth ?
Brain Mapping –Blue Print or Bioinformatics of 100 years exist in Biosensors of PALMTOP of Humanbody –Next Generation Neuroscience-Brain Imaging
Water water everywhere, 250 years record broken wettest winter, Thames Fury, Southern England Flooded .FIT technology can forecast disaster two year in advance .word power -Conn ,Thames,Awasthi,Dharmarao
FIT technology on Android ,Simbian smart phone .Know your future.Save mankind.Offer invitedfrom,C-DAC, Google,Microsoft, Nokia Vodaphone,Samsung etc to help us to upload it on i phone
Meteorite, Solar flare effecting Power station on Earth,Space shuttle failure,death of Astronaut Kalpana chawla –Future 10 year data Exist in Humanbody –download it using FIT
Master as guide or Guru or Prophet or Saint or Mother Nature or Aliens have implanted GPS in Human body,to help you during difficult period of life.
Human body emits Spectrum ,Physical, casual, Supra casual Body-Aura –Electromagnetism-Intuition,Premonition,WIFI system of nature
If good science is required borrow it from the best places in the world. Do not think that you know only –Ideas Innovation Invention-Power of Brain-Save Billions of Dollar in fake research
Next 50 years Future Disasters Pictures exist in each Humanbody which Scientists can download to save mankind from snow storms,Earthquake,volcano etc.We are abandoned children of Aliens .
Science and Spirituality is combined
METRO Train /Bullet Train next 10 year accident can be scientifically forecasted
Use FIT technology 4 steps free software to solve problem faced by public .we are ready to help you –Mr.Arvind Kejriwal ,Mr Shivraj Singh Chauhan Chief Minister-Establish -Golden Age-Janta Durbar