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July 2010
Unified field scientist,who has developed FIT-Future Imaging Tool which forecast one year in advance Natural Disasters like Tsunami,Earthquake,volcano eruption and manmade disasters like Union carbidetragedy ,Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill like event,RDX blasts in Embassies,offices,Towns,Railways,Planes ,Cars etc.world scientist are welcome to see and test FITtechnology. 1-Future Imaging Tool FIT technology to forecast tsunami ... - YouTube www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4XqqVyk5xI13 May 2011 - 15 min - Uploaded by vksonakia vksonakia 1 week ago. see YOU TUBE VK SONAKIA. 2-FIT-Future Imaging tool or Certainty tool technology developed which is ... First American Publisher of books M/s Dorrance sisiter concern M/s RoseDog Publication has published book on FIT technology Seeing Is Believing: First Time in World - Google Books Result V. K. Sonakia - 2009 - Science - 115 pages ... The Greatest and nobel pleasure which man can have in this world is to discover new truths. And the next is to shake oft old prejudices " Compiled by VK ... books.google.co.in/books?isbn=1434993310... 3-BigPatents India - VIPIN KUMAR SONAKIA india.bigpatents.org/names/83262 127/MUM/2004 - Published: 2007-03-30 - VIPIN KUMAR SONAKIA. The invention relates to detect & predict man-made natural disasters one year in advance. By . ... regards vksonakia
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Create Science & Technology Forum so we can save life of Pilots and Passengers .FIT technology forecast in advance Plane crash . Appeal to citizens of world /IAF /Civil Aviation Department
Photo,s received from Prime Minister Office India on 24-7-2014 -BRICS 2014 Conference in Brazil 100 Billion BRICKS Bank established
Switch off –Switch on –Biosensor based Computer i.e. Human body CPU stores distress/disaster signals and is part of Touch scale android type Universe/Time Machine.
MH -17 Shot Down on 17 July 298 including 100 AID Scientist ,189 Dutch Died in -2ND Malaysian Plane tragedy. Israel Palestine border war Every house owner in Tornado Hurricane area can be forewarned to vacate two year in advance
How Aliens send message see Forensic proof Time machine Existence of Sai Baba ,Ganesh Amarnath .Saint Pio Pedro Italy message Arrival of Bookless cheapest technology-To seek new knowledge go up to China Prophet Mohammed ,Lord Buddha message Mother Earth space ship
Mouse Google ,Drone,ATM(Atma),S and P and L Waves Tatva Gyan(Basic Knowledge ) Word in Vedic & Server word from Arabic/urdu Knowledge usedin modern technology Sindhu Ghati Atlantis -Divine knowledge FIT
All Isolated sciences merge into Unified Field in Human body Use patent paper published New Kind of Next Generation Unified Science based technology to download Future to save Human Race On Planet Earth
1,50000 die in road accident in India per year Mr.Gopinath Munde road accident case dt. 3-6-2014 . Only FIT technology can forecastTwo year in advance road,rail,plane accident s Set up Biosensor Forum to save valuable Human life Appeal to Mr.Narendra Modi PM Give me appointment to meet you
Promote and see yourself Swadesi(Indegenous) Invention FIT Technology which can bring 100 Billion Dollar Business 10 Million jobs.Call me to Delhi Respected Modiji for discussion .waiting for your kind reply
Thank you from your PM Narendra Modi! -Prompt response from PMO India
Why Congress lost Election-Part I?Forewarning came true .How PMO can improve working?FIT technology analysis dated | Oct 14, 2012
Forewarning Appears in Palmtop of Pilots one year in advance before Plane crash –Biosensor-Dermatoglyphics Genome defect MIG 21 crash dt 27-5-2014 Save valuable Human life
Rail accident can be forecasted one year in advance-Appeal to Mr.Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India to see FIT technology-Major train accident near Gorakhpur in UP, 20 dead50 injured 26-5-2014
My Forecast dt 14-5-2013 on Mr Nawaj Sheriff Prime Minister of Pakistan has come true.Business and development with neighboring country main motto of Mr.Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India.Fall of Berlin Wall-Golden Age
Turkey Mine Explosion dt-14-5-2014 Hundreds trapped . Appeal to President Mr. Abdullah Gül ,Prime Minister Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan .Such Mine disaster can be forecasted five year in advance Use FIT technology
How Fire in High Rise building,Oil Platform,Factory,Arms Depo,Plane, Naval ship or submarine or Forest or Timber depot or space shuttle can be fore casted scientifically 5 year in advance?
Wrong Time of Marriage –Bad Biosensor-Negative Dimension is root cause of Murder,Divorce,disaster -Late Doctor Jayshree Namdeo Murder in Bhopal India on 8-5-2014 .Why Bitter experience in Mother Father Son ,Daughter,Sister brother,Daughter in Law,Boy Girl friend relationship?
Your own future,Future of city,country ,Future of your working place in form of painting (picture)exist on Palm Top(both hands ) Download next 10 year future disasters to mitigate negative dimension.Time Machine
Do not wage war against any country,do not commit suicide Never allow Riots,do not kill whale,Dolphin,avoid execess fishing,save OZONE LAYER ,Negative energy-Root cause of tornadoes,tsunami
Devil Dimension-Bad Bio-sensor,Bad Energy,Bad Aura,Loss in Business,Bad Luck,Divorce,illness ,unnatural death,Age of Darkness .Premature death of Princess Diana,Late Ho.Benzeer Bhutto,Attack on Hamid Mir Geo Tv.Way to neutralize Negative Dimension
Malaysian Airline MH 370 –Lost on 8-3-2014 –I approached Chinese and Malaysian Authorties to send me Hand prints with date of birth of relatives but got no reply.7-15-21 day prayer starts from today 24-4-2014 let us see result
How Human body works as TIME MACHINE OR Bio Computer of Nature? Human Genome decoded by FIT -I can produce before scientific community hundreds of Forensic,scientific evidence to prove my claim
Supersymmetry exist in CERN Lab of Humanbody not in experiment in CERN .Brain is receiverAnd transmitter and CPU or Time machine which stores past Future of an individual,city,country or future disaster .
Prevention is better than cure-South Korean Jeju Island Ferry disaster 290 missing.Appeal to President Hon.Park Geun-hye of South Korea –Use FIT technology to see disaster one year in advance to neutralize it.
Original Search-Original Science-Why Truth is suppressed – else you can see your future .Help yourself to save valuable Life
Mr.Ajit Seth I.A.S.cabinet Secretary extended help to Inventor but false report given by Mr.Neeraj Kumar Secreatry Allahabad Academy of Science is responsible for death of citizens in Earthquake(kedar nath),C130 Hercules Plane crash, Submarine Sindhu Rakshak . Law makers are Law breakers who will protect Law. Kindly Set up enquiry to give justice in 30 days time
Music is soul of GOD –Listen to ilse ILSEMUSIC Twitter I AM Human on you tube
He-man,Superman,Hatim,Santa-cluas,Vikramaditya reincarnation to save mankind on Earth is FIT technology which exist in each Human body-wake up activate this SIM in iphone of PALMTOP to save mankind.Angel or,Devil act
Human body is Bio computer of GOD or Aliens or Nature where script of your role on Earth & Forewarning chart of disaster which can happen with you is written.Destiny-Certainty-Intuition,Premonition.Death(Disaster not prevented is)
Quantum theory is deception.Resemblance between Nicola Tesla & 1 $ Cost FIT technology which is applied reality based technology to forecast future disasters.like Earthquake,Plane crash,Naval disasters,tsunami,RDX Blast,Dam Burst,Nuclear Radiation.