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August 2010
visual artist, playwright, stage actor, scenic artist
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Ship tank Japan. The invading pirates in Malacca Strait.
The poetry of blue.
Europe: NATO forces exercise with 600 until the end of the year.
The poetry of the song of the army.
Stop writing rumors possibly MH370 was shot down. (Opinion).
The Poetry Of Violet.
Erau Festival in 2014, Kutai, East Kalimantan, Indonesia (since the 13th century).
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United States oversaw Moscow.
Passover poems.
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Gates of heaven (novel: part 18).
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Rhyme Sniper (poem)
Iran continued its nuclear rights settlement will be heading.
The IMF praised the reform amid Indonesia 2014 elections.
The mandate of President Yudhoyono's Election 2014 conducive.
Donetsk proclaimed the West lagged one step (opinion).
WHO: Ebola outbreak West Africa warned.
Palestine remains the international agreement signed
The concept of the Union have yet to emerge in Indonesia, 2014 elections. (opinion)
A "Drone" in the shoot down by North Korea.
Ukraine and Russia shadows turned to Korea Peninsula.
North Korea acting again will be his latest nuclear test.
The meaning of “hari raya Nyepi to Bali-Indonesia”.
Expansion of Russia to the West's sanctions. What is its impact?
Fast action United States triggered a UN resolution for the Crimea.
US-Japan, a forum on the sidelines of the G7 will discuss Ukraine crisis.