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May 2009
I am commerce Graduate and eager to give private TUTION in accounts from Inter.Com, B.Com and A-level ( Accounts ) is my major subject. More over I am capable to guide HOW ONE CAN START own business without wasting TIME & MONEY?
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In Pakistan during holy month of Ramzan every item become costly?
State Bank Print fresh note but majority of commercial bank complaining not getting even required quantity old notes & fresh notes only dream for customers & banker too?
Traffic police ever ready how to do challan BUT never capable to control the traffic
frequent basis face message sending failed by ufone even my package not fulfilled or utilized
4th reminder of Jun 27, 2014 - How long I will suffering from torture and punishment from K-electric? Why un-necessary delay from your end?
Govt negligence for controlling price of fruits which hurt & deprive especially low income/salaried group
Jun & Jul school fee consider heavy burden for salaried group
One day every one believe that Pakistan is Asian tiger due to K-electric proudly conduct load shedding 14 hrs in Soldier Bazar, Karachi shameless organization and management
Valuable quote of Hazrat Imam Jaffer Sadiq AS
Valuable quote of Hazrat Imam Ali AS
Open letter for CEO of Karachi Electric for installing faulty cum speedy meter no. SAG 71695 showing consumed units in 181 in 9 days not acceptable & un-believable
excess electricity bill for May 14 for Rs. 3,426 showing unit 352 units consumed
Banned morning show ‘Utho Jago Pakistan', hosted by Shaista Lodhi.
Why our leaders so greedy & selfish
Valuable quote of Hazrat Imam Ali AS
Syrian rebel face memorable defeat in Syria
Due to DOCTORS negligence & carelessness patient lost life during treatment
Target Killer in Pakistan yet not face example punishment
Motor cycle lifting & charging abnormal fine
Pakistan face worst defeat in quarter final T-20 from West Indies
Very poor N dis-appointment performance by Pakistani team against India
GlaxoSmithKline make shortage of Imuran tablets for earning more profit
Sub : shortage of Imuran tablets for earning more profit by Glaxo Smith Kline in Pakistan
2nd reminder Mar 23, 14 - never surprise by UfOnE continuous cheating practice with FoUr hands but who support this cheating practice
Importance of Hazrat Fatima Zehra SA quotes by Prophet Mohd PBUH
never surprise by UfOnE continuous cheating practice with FoUr hands but who support this cheating practice
Texting sms or talking on cell while riding bike or car is hazards & violate traffic rules
Serious traffic reforms needed
What message tehreek-e-taliban want to convey when non-stop terrorism activities
Learn from own MISTAKES