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Critics doubtful of high court's independent decision on Hacienda Luisita
Hacienda Luisita issue to expose Philippine president Aquino
Looming massive displacement Farmers protest SMC’s take-over of MRT 7 project
From Isabela to Manila: Farmers dump dried out crops at agri department, march towards Mendiola
Arroyo government delusional of Oplan Bantay Laya’s success
El Niño damage to rice crops may reach P5.2-billion: Farmers demand relief and rehabilitation, end to liberalization and privatization
Tungkong Mangga farmers call for Mar Roxas’ to convince kin to pull-out military, armed goons
Justice Veloso pushes through misinformation on his landgrabbing in Leyte
Tungkong Mangga farmers to join march against Araneta displacement efforts
5th year anniversary of Hacienda Luisita massacre, Groups travel to Tarlac to support agri-workers’ call for land and justice
On anniversary of PD 27: Peasants call for land, relief and justice
Groups present to DA 9-point omnibus demands for peasant typhoon victims
Gov’t relocation to sweep off people from Metro Manila
“We should watch out for corruption on emergency funds,” group said
Distribute Luisita lands, resolve land disputes, Noynoy urged
“Distribute Hacienda Luisita now,” Noynoy urged
Farmers expose Rep. Villafuerte’s threats of landgrabbing in San Miguel, Bulacan
Noynoy should be ready to talk to farmers, group said
VFA deranges livelihood of peasants, displaces them from their farms
“Drop Echanis’ charges now, push through peace talks”- KMP
People should continue Ninoy’s fight for social justice and democracy
Government should drop charges against Echanis to push through with talks
Echanis’ release, victory for the peasant and people’s movement
Peasants renew call junking of Echanis’ case
CARPer to displace farmers in Tungkong Mangga, give way to MRT 7
CARP extension not a gift to Cory
Peasants pay tribute to Aquino for calling Arroyo's resignation
Hundreds of billions of taxpayers’ money in danger because of CARP extension
No clear report of land distribution on Arroyo’s SONA, group said
Arroyo’s eight years, landlessness, death and poverty to peasants