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December 2010
Maasai Pastoral nomadic tribe Elder from the Savannah plains Southern Kenya. I work in Global Development , Asst Country Director ICROSS. Worked in ICROSS for 26 years with Mike Meegan ICROSS is a community owned grassoots NGO
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innovative ways of getting involved in fighting poverty Maasai communities workng with ICROSS are developing innovative ways to build long term change. Together with friends an partners in Europe and North America ICROSS is creating cultural emmersion projects with a difference. ICROSS is encouraging interns seeking to work with communities to become more integrated into the Maasai way of life. It is hoped that this indepth experience will be a deeper more illuminating experience for those seekng to learn , lsten and grow from a profound exposure to other cultures. P Ole Sironka and P Ole Lasoi of ICROSS are developng th programme with other Maasa Elders and leaders. THe initiative also aims at sharing the wisdom and knowledge of the Maasai people with others around the world. ICROSS Informaton office Ngong Kenya Mon 24th Jan 2011
ICROSS Maternal child health program 2010-2011
"the only way to change the World , is to change how you see it, change what you do in it, be a cause of change , a light, a place of refuge, always embracing the 'other", always welcoming " Changing the World , Michael Meegan