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March 2009
I am a retired senior manager of a fighter aircraft manufacturing company and love to ferret out extraordinary news from the net and serve them on the platter ... am a blogger and my blogging efforts have found a mention in the Limca Book of Records 2007.
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OPCW confirmed that Syria has destroyed 80% of its chemical arsenal
Reform prisoners the Brixton Prison way - teach them coffee making
US re-examines its options in Syria - decides to arm the rebels
Rhea Chris - the one that got away in Royston
Time to rejoice - Nessie of Loch Ness fame spotted in swimming mode
Search for missing Malaysian plane MH370 narrowing down
Mob attack on UN peacekeeping force base in South Sudan leaves 58 dead
Good news from the nuclear front - Iran slashes its enriched uranium by 75% before time
Tragedy on Mount Everest - 6 sherpas dead and 9 missing in avalanche
Does life exist in Keplar-186f, the Earth-like exoplanet located 500-light years away
Surprise deal struck in Geneva between US, EU, Russia and Ukraine to deescalate tensions
President Putin assures Snowden that Russia does not have any mass surveillance system
Mizune, the 14-year-old Syrian girl of Za'atari refugee camp, spreads education
39-year-old Amanda Owen of Yorkshire Dales takes care of her seven children and 1000 sheep
2016 US President elections - Christie ahead in GOP race with Bush and Paul breathing down his neck
Mission gun violence - Michael Bloomberg to spend $50-million to fight the menace
Ukraine on the offensive - uses helicopter gunship to retake Kramatorsk airport
Retirement blues - 67-year-old man kayaks 5000-miles from Lisbon to Florida
Is President Putin sowing the seeds of World War III in Ukraine?
Police recover backpack with rice cooker at the Boston Marathon finish line - arrest the man
South Korean ferry with 477 persons on board sinks - 3 dead, over 300 missing
Boko Haram militants kidnap 100 teenage schoolgirls at midnight as mayhem rules in Nigeria
NASA gives go-ahead for SpaceX to carry out a cargo run to the ISS
Syrian soldiers backed by Hezbollah fighters oust the rebels from Christian town of Maaloula
Cherry blossoms in full bloom in Washington DC - announces arrival of spring
Russian Su-24 jets tease USS Donald Cook warship in the Black Sea
MH370 - underwater search of missing Boeing 777-200 by Bluefin-21 submarine disappoints
Mother murders her six newborn babies in Utah - her bond set for $6-million
Kiev and pro-Russian demonstrators heading for a showdown
Bomb blasts in bus station rock Nigeria's capital Abuja - dozens killed