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March 2009
I am a retired senior manager of a fighter aircraft manufacturing company and love to ferret out extraordinary news from the net and serve them on the platter ... am a blogger and my blogging efforts have found a mention in the Limca Book of Records 2007.
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Destroy Hamas tunnels to bring back peace says Benjamin Netanyahu
Hackers' convention in Las Vegas – NSA leaders not attending
US accepts Iraq's request for more firepower – will send 5000 Hellfire missiles
Gaza conflict – Israel recalls 16000 reservists bringing the total to 86000
Kim Jong-Un offers summer breaks for kids in the Songdowon International Children's Camp
Iranian Democracy Front wants a change of regime in Iran and woos the US for support
Britain could have driverless cars on the road by 2015
Landmines near MH17 crash site – someone wants to conceal evidence of the crash
Another UN school hit in Gaza by shelling – 19 dead, over 90 injured
Obama administration wanted to remove Assad but, he stays put as death toll in Syria crosses 170000
UN says MH17 crash might amount to a war crime
Pyongyang wants to nuke White House and the Pentagon
Are kidnapped girls of Chibok used as female suicide bombers by Boko Haram?
At least 100 Palestinians killed in Gaza – its only power plant blown up
Thanks to fracking, America's new Gold Rush city is Williston, North Dakota
Whale watchers on a three-hour trip forced to spend a whole night at sea
UK indicates possibilities of new sanctions against Russia within 10 days
13 killed in violence in city of Horlivka, Ukraine – two of the dead are children
Dinosaurs were wiped out because the asteroid struck at the wrong time
Take care – the fish fry with chips on your plate may actually be shark fry with chips!!
Riot breaks out in HMP Ranby, Nottinghamshire - 60 prisoners refuse to return to their cells
ISIS militants destroy Iraq's centuries-old cultural treasures
US President Elections 2016: University of Buffalo paid Hillary Clinton $275,000 for an appearance
Rough and tough days ahead for Mars Curiosity Rover
FBI worried about families of migrant children falling prey to scammers
More than 36 dead in clashes in Benghazi – UK and US issue travel alerts
Prince Harry drops in at Tonteria, a Mexican themed nightclub in Sloane Square, London
Ukraine steps up offensive, determined to retake Donetsk
The mysterious case of dolls on the doorsteps in San Clemente
Huge dust storm Haboob hits Phoenix, paralyses life