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March 2009
I am a retired senior manager of a fighter aircraft manufacturing company and love to ferret out extraordinary news from the net and serve them on the platter ... am a blogger and my blogging efforts have found a mention in the Limca Book of Records 2007.
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Ngala Bridge blown up in Nigeria – communication links with Cameroon cut off
British Airways continues with flights to Israel despite rocket attack near Ben Gurion Airport
New sanctions imposed by EU on Russian officials after MH17 Boeing crash in Ukraine
Who replaced the Star and Stripes on Brooklyn Bridge with white flags?
Kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls still captives of Boko Haram – 11 of their parents have died
Ukraine forces claim to have regained control of Donetsk airport
Water shut-off leads to a life and death situation for residents of Detroit
Green sea turtle migrates 3979-Km in one year from Chagos Islands to the coast of Somalia
Airport security checks intensified due to threats from a Norwegian expert bomb maker
Russian theory on MH17 – Ukrainian SU-35 jet could have fired air-to-air missile
2016 US President Elections – Hillary Clinton gradually moving towards a decision
Hack North Korea - a two-day ‘hackathon' in Silicon Valley on 2 and 3 August
Way back in 1959, Pentagon had plans to set up a spy base on the Moon
192-bodies of MH17 victims put in refrigerated boxcars, chunks of the Boeing removed from crash site
New York gun range closes down after 73-years because of neighbors
From the Iran nuclear front – Iran completes process of eliminating enriched uranium
Edward Snowden holds video conference from Moscow with 100 hackers
USGS cautions about fears of earthquakes in eastern US
Iraqi Christians flee from Mosul in Iraq due to threats by Islamic State extremist group
Fire from lightning strike destroys 100,000 acres of parched land in Washington
Japanese solution to tackle low birth rate – issue punctured condoms to newly marrieds
Enjoy London Zoo party nights for £35 on Fridays with silent disco and cabaret
Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 – a mid-air tragedy of toys, pet dogs, pigeons and fresh flowers
Japan presents an Asimo robot that can run, jump and sign
Iran and P5+1 agree to extend timeframe of Iran nuclear talks to November
Romanian Princess admits to holding cockfight derbies in her Oregon barn
Was Putin the intended target of missile attack that downed MH17
Boko Haram crisis escalates in Nigeria – half the town of Damboa is burnt down
Giant barrel jellyfish invade the beaches of Cornwall, Britain
Pot edibles becoming a flourishing industry – thanks to marijuana