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June 2009
I am a retired philosophy prof. living in the boondocks in Manitoba Canada with my Filipina wife.
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New sanctions bite both ways hurting western multinationals
Almost repaired after sabotage, Gaza Ark destroyed by Israeli attack
Libya conflict escalates as foreign nationals urged to leave
As security situation deteriorates in Libya, US evacuates embassy staff
Israel rejects Kerry's peace plan but 12 hour truce likely
US wants ceasefire terms to weaken Hamas power in Gaza empower Abbas
Ukraine shot down civilian airliner before as have Russia and the US
Clashes between Libyan militias damages Tripoli airport and planes
BRIC countries launch development bank to supplement IMF and World Bank
Israel launches land attack on Gaza Strip after short humanitarian pause
Canada provides diplomatic and weapons support for Gaza attack by Israel
Egyptian president El-Sisi carries out demands of IMF on subsidies
Libya to move parliament from Tripoli to Benghazi
ISIS militants already selling oil surround Iraq's largest refiniery
One thousand fighters of Dawud Brigade along with 100 vehicles and 10 tanks join radical ISIS in Syria
North Korea mounts charm offensive with cheerleaders
US Cape Ray neutralizing Syrian chemical weapons at sea
China and Germany strengthen economic ties
Interview with Snowden lawyer and NSA whistleblower about NSA spying in Germany
US sends more troops to Iraq, Green Berets to Kurdish area
Media coverage of Palestinian deaths versus that of the three murdered Israeli teens
Lenin would probably approve tearing down statues of him
Iraq government blocks Twitter, Facebook and YouTube
Environmentalists battle plastic-bag makers in California
Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is the world's richest terrorist organization
US increases involvement in Iraq with more troops and drones over Baghdad
Canadian Supreme Court ruling supports union against Walmart
Rival Al Qaeda group on Syria-Iraq border pledges allegiance to ISIS
Libyan elections mostly complete in spite of security issues and low turnout