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June 2009
I am a retired philosophy prof. living in the boondocks in Manitoba Canada with my Filipina wife.
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FBI accused of spying on inmates' defense lawyers at Guantanamo tribunal trial
Vatican changes course and welcomes liberation theology founder
Israel punishes Palestinian Authority for seeking international links
TSA to expand 'behavior screening' program even though it doesn't work
World Bank warns IMF loan conditions will have negative effects on Ukraine
US claims attempts to stop NSA spying on EU violate trade agreements
Israel order $2 billon worth of Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey planes
Christian couple sentenced to death for insulting Prophet Mohammed
Quebec students protest austerity measures in provincial budget
What can you do after Windows XP loses support?
Rebels and government near deal on removing blockade from oil ports in Libya
Key Ukrainian oligarch arrested in Vienna indicted in U.S. on bribery charges
No progress on extending peace talks as Kerry cancels Israel trip
Turkish energy minister blames election power outage on a cat
Greece bans protests during visit of EU finance ministers
Rebels, pro-government militias face off as oil port blockade continues in Libya
Political novice and millionaire philanthropist wins Slovak presidential election
Two oligarchs front-runners for Ukraine presidency
Israel fails to release last batch of Palestinian prisoners as scheduled
Canada has trouble with its own spies
Sisi quits top military post, announces presidential bid in Egypt
The Ukraine crisis and the EU-US trade deal (TTIP)
Russian foreign minister Lavrov finally meets with Ukrainian counterpart
Right Sector militant killed by Ukrainian special police
Arab League holds 25th annual summit in Kuwait
For killing one policeman 528 members of Muslim Brotherhood receive death sentence
Transnistria is not another Crimea
International monitors and the Crimean referendum vote
Sanctions threat causes flight of Russian funds from West, speeds up new trade relations
Some Canadian Forces dentists receive high pay but do little dentistry