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March 2010
I am an experienced freelance writer, writing for various websites including business websites. I have had a corporate background too. This is of great help to me in my writing profession. It aids my business writing as also my assignments in other fields. I have had the privilege of writing for prestigious websites like Daijiworld, Mangalorean, Mangalore Mithr, Coastal Digest and Small Enterprise India. And now I am writing for this world website I am also writing for newspapers and magazines such as Deccan Herald, Mangalore Today, Coastal Digest. Very few in life can claim to have a hobby as their profession, and I am proud to be one of the rare blessed few.
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Putin faces multimillion pound lawsuit over Flight MH17 crash
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Obama mulls refugee status for young Hondurans
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Protests worldwide over Israeli invasion of Gaza, as death toll tops 500
Skating instructor arrested in India for raping 6-year-old student
Passenger onboard flight MH17 posted eerie caption of plane before takeoff
Japanese artist's arrest over 3-D printing of her vagina triggers debate
Afghan suicide car bomb attack claims 89 lives
California city Berkeley to offer free marijuana to poor residents
Hunger charity ad shows black child being fed ‘like a dog'
Israeli bombing kills two disabled girls in Gaza as Palestinian death toll hits 160
Jennifer Lopez and Michelle Obama get close in amazing selfie
Pentagon-backed Syrian ‘moderate' FSA factions defect to ISIS terror group
Eric Holder urges Europe to stop its citizens from joining Syria militants
Indian elephant Raju's tears of joy on being freed: Genuine or hype?
Nigerian military busts Boko Haram cell linked to Chibok kidnapping
US Army sergeant suspected of killing Panamanian woman could face military trial
‘Just Cavalli' perfume ads outrage Sufi Muslims, protests gather steam
Nigerian singer offers virginity for abducted girls: Will Boko Haram bite the bait?
MH370 was on autopilot with passengers likely to have 'suffocated': Investigators
Why is Baghdad so important to the radical Islamic militia ISIS?
Three US soldiers, service dog killed in Afghan explosion
Militants jeer at Michelle Obama with cruel #bringbackourhumvee meme
First openly gay, black man appointed as US federal judge
US forces nab suspected ringleader of deadly Benghazi attack
At least 50 dead in al-Shabab militant attack in Kenya
India gang rape horror continues: Woman abducted, raped by group in Badaun
Homosexuality akin to alcoholism: Texas Gov. Rick Perry's controversial remark