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August 2010
Retired government employee, Jan. 1, 2002 Loves TV boxing, writing, etc. Loves Filipino dish, pork and chicken adobo cook with pineapple juice, dried then marinated milkfish, fruit halo-halo
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Sex toy left 10 years in woman's body removed by doctors after causing her trouble
Paranas town chief of Police shot dead July 22 past midnight in Tacloban City
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Meet the world's oldest human being
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Man electrocuted allegedly while trying to steal electric power
Priest proven guilty of killing nun dies in jail after judge failed to grant request
Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago of the Philippines fights cancer her way
University student killed and 3 others injured after frat rites on Saturday
Research: Of 3,000 plus bacteria found alive on 80 pieces $1 bills, acne tops them all
Remains of Hero Soldiers from warfront flown to Manila
Hoarder found buried under own Trash
Raped 8-month old baby requires organ reconstruction surgery
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The Significance of the Oleander Plant
Police Chief and 6 others killed over drug war in Bohol
Death claims youthful beauty queen while taking pictures at Seven Falls
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Advanced intelligence info helps Philippine police foil store robbery; 8 suspects shot dead
Row between China and Vietnam over ownership of Paracel Islands spawns harsh violence
Angat Dam and other big water supply updates
Nurse sealed off 7-day old baby's mouth with a tape for crying too much
Water in Angat Dam reads below critical level; dam still working
Use of Yolanda bunkhouses to terminate soon, Tacloban City government steps in to extend same
Thai PM dismissed for abuse of power
Get informed to know the world's scariest drug
Karylle, the entertainment star for all ages
Cedric Lee and company nabbed in East Samar then planed to Manila