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February 2012
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In the U.S., births of babies are white minority
New clashes in Lebanon between Sunni and Alawite
Chinese fishermen kidnapped by North Korean armed
Greece appoints a provisional government of technicians
Chen could receive a passport within 15 days
Ron Paul gets back from the Republican primary
EU divided over a possible boycott of the Euro 2012 in Ukraine
Wall Street opened with falls
Negotiations on coalition continue Tuesday
Eduardo Lourenco Prize awarded the Person
Iran restricts the use of foreign mail
Palestinian prisoners sign an agreement lifting their hunger strike
The Gulf states are considering a political union
The strange "private visit" by Michel Rocard in Tehran
In Greece, "no unity government can not be created"
Ugandan Army ambushes, captures top Kony commander
The FARC say they are ready to release Romeo Langlois
Heavy fighting in Homs claims lives of 23 Syrian soldiers, nine civilians
The UMP denounced the "improper movement" Rocard in Iran
NATO accused of having minimized civilian casualties in Libya
A week before its IPO, Facebook temper investor enthusiasm
Two explosions rock Damascus, the UN fears a civil war
Athens will receive a share of European aid
In the UK, only Boris Johnson against the surge Labor
In Mexico, the grisly murders darkens the presidential campaign
Licensee, the author of the scoop of the century gets apology 67 years after
Britons steal penguin and take him home
Man forced sex marathon 36 hours
Life imprisonment for plotting attacks on American soil
One in ten believe the world ends in 2012