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December 2008
I'm a member of the Ovimagazine team, writing in Portuguese, my mother tongue, and in English (I'm learning some Finnish). Ovi magazine is a daily multi-lingual non-profit online magazine based in Helsinki and distributed online. I'm also co-editor of the lusofinnish community site "Lusofin" and of the group blog "Regions". Founder of
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A record number of new student housing in Helsinki, Finland
"Festival Solar" at the Museum of Electricity, in Lisbon
Photovoltaic Power Stations in Portugal [PHOTOSET]
Ideological Clash: the most frequent conflict in 2008
NOKIA - Stronger than Law?
Legal experts: “Lex Nokia” violates constitution of Finland
New Wind Power Forecast Project in US
Explore the ocean and travel through time in Google Earth 5.0
Greenpeace: new nuclear reactor’s waste is 7 times more hazardous
US steps up pressure on Israel to investigate Gaza war crimes
Google launched Measurement Lab
Black Motor
US Airways Jet Crashes in New York River
Finland's Foreign Minister Discusses Clinic Attack in Gaza with Israeli Ambassador
Sweden Ranks First in Sustainable Society Index 2008
Several rockets fired from Lebanon into the north of Israel
REVA new electric car joined Indian Climate Solutions Road Tour
Venezuela expelled the Israeli ambassador in solidarity with the Palestinian people
Gaza Rockets Put Israel's Nuclear Plant In Battle Zone
Signmark: the first deaf rapper is changing the world by rapping in sign language
OECD: Economic Downturn Will Hit The Internet Economy Hard In 2009
Sweden considers inject oxygen into the lifeless seabed of the Baltic Sea
Netherlands to strengthen flood fortifications
Photovoltaics Status Report 2008: 60% increase in solar panel production
New global urbanization and accessibility map
Bush:"I've abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system"
NASA: 2008 is ninth warmest year since 1880
Municipality of Moura and 3 companies want to invest €40M in new solar thermal power station
Moura (Amareleja) Photovoltaic Power Station
Photovoltaic Solar in Portugal