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October 2008
I'm a simple kind a person who like to meet beautiful creature in this planet we call it earth! ... i like music that could make me roll and felt alive with soul divine .. people that make me real ... i like to listened classic rock , acid rock, psychedelic muse ...take me as i am as what i am ... thanks for be on ma page ... best regard to all f^^ing creatures out there ...i have 3 seed who smelted just like me .. i love ma seed i tried to look in a different sight ... i despite any oppositions Please don't add me as a friend… If your not going to say hello again… Please just be you… Because that is really any of us can hope to do… Please just let me be me... That's all I ever want to be… Please don't be afraid to be blunt… Because I do not need a friend who needs to put on a front… Please don't be afraid to say what you feel… Because when you feel it-- to me that's real… These are all things I expect a friend to do… So if these things are also important to you… Then feel free to add me as a friend too… I promise to try and bring a smile when I come through… And visit your page… And I'll make sure to stop by your stage… (your blog) Hopefully we will be able to brighten each others days… In a bunch of different ways… I look forward to learning more about you… I'm sure I'll share enough for you to learn about me too… So for now take care my friend… I'll look forward to when you come through my way again
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