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March 2012
I am a tie-dyed-in-the-wool "sixties chick" -- I love the meaning of those days. We were naive, we believed things would change with principles one could call Biblical: love thy neighbor as thyself, primarily. This world is coming apart, as we are an hellaciously as they recognize and want to change the horrendous political system that is bleeding our country to death, financially, idealistically, educationally, and morally -- and I do NOT mean sexual morality. I'm a political junkie, and most of my writing deals with politics of some sort -- politics of education, the rights of workers to form unions and bargain as a collective. Am I wrong, or does our Constitution guarantee us the RIGHT to freedom of speech and the right to gather peacefully.without our government feeling okay as they turn the tear gas and rubber bullets on America's children, populace, and those who have already been made homeless by the ruthless actions of the ultra-rich. My parents were staunch, grass roots type active Democrats. My early memories were of Democratic barbecues held out in the old Gold Rush town of Snelling, CA. Our town was very much on fire during the JFK-Nixon era, and stayed that way until the three assassinations that marked our era: JFK, RFK and the wonderful Rev. King and hope for the luminous future we'd started to envision collapse. My mother met JFK and worshiped Adlai Stevenson and Hubert H. Humphrey. My parents' devotion to the causes of education, mental illness, and having a more perfect union in general have stuck with me. We are now up against the very darkest forces which humans can represent. It seems that globally people are busy gassing and otherwise slaughtering one another. We watch as our own America, "Land of the Free and Home of the Brave" devours its young, un-employs the working forces, and spits out its elders. I wish us all the best in these strange times. May we come together in peace and harmony. Imagine ...
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