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May 2010
Thank you for visiting my site. My latest book "Rewritten Lives" was just released. Please visit my book's website to find out more about me and my book. From a poet-author who is deep in thoughts, sentiments, and experiences comes an emotive and endearing collection of poems that speaks of a myriad of themes and topics. J. Elliot Howard has Rewritten Lives to share the lessons, dreams, hopes, and longings to others who are willing to listen. In this poetry anthology, Howard unleashes his profound emotions through poetic verses. With the ebb and flow of his words, readers will feel the depths of his psyche and the nadir of his heart. Penning down these pieces, he conveys the unfathomable zenith of his feelings that range from memories, yearnings, conversations, saying goodbye, moving on, life sessions, new beginnings, reminiscences, dark moments, and more. These poems are Howard’s expressions of what he observes, feels, understands, and accepts of life and love. They are reminders of years gone by, the people that were, and the sentiments once felt. This potpourri of lines varies from subject to subject and from one theme to the next, but they all speak of the beautiful colors of life. In “My Turn Now,” he says, “With each turn of the page of life, through graduation and having a wife tears of joy burn down my cheeks as you have held my hand.” In “Lessons,” he writes, “Our moments are like the sand on the beach. Crystals of memories within reach that in my time of need have formed the rock to meet my every care.” In “The Final Moment,” he ponders, “Life has its seasons, each season has its moments, and with these moments there are perfect times.” In “A New Beginning,” he shares, “A newness of life, the coming of a fresh start. Maybe a needed difference a need for change.” These and more poignant words are sure to welcome readers as they leaf through the pages of Rewritten Lives. About the Author Jerry Elliot Howard was born in Findlay, Ohio. At the age of sixteen, his family moved to Sugar Land, TX. Shortly after moving, he began to write. No matter where he went, his writing followed. He wrote while attending University Of Houston, transferring and graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, graduate school at Bowling Green State University, marriage, fatherhood, and all points in between. Poetry is his snapshot in time because words mean more than pictures to him. They allow him to look, remember, and truly embrace each new experience. He loves the city of Houston. Houston is where he met his wife, and where his son was born. Writing has enabled him to express himself thoroughly and creatively. Life is more than "happy love." At times, he has had to say good-bye. Sometimes, he has had to give chase. In other situations, he has had to sit still. Nevertheless, in all of the places he has lived, and moments he has experienced, all are worthwhile.
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