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June 2009
Former professional driver turned computer geek, looking for entry level SDET work. Writer, poet, handyman, Sci fi nut. Love animals, hate big goverment. ***** Bleed into me ******* You put your hold on me, when no one else could Came out of my darkness Window of death, yet alive you stood. What is this fear of change, that you've implanted in yourself? Controlling all my thoughts Obsessing for something new. Inside my wall of safety Hollow void of hell You've come along and broke through. Hold me as we go embracing the fate you've dreamed to know. together we'll make a place to grow Guide me, I trust you. Teach me, I'll listen Embrace me, I'll hold nothing back. Love me, make me believe, Come to this in your hour of need Capture this love although your soul still bleeds, Take this pain, throw it away, Let the fear go and bleed into me.
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