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July 2010
I'm a published book author, physician and researcher, I am a freelance writer and blogger. I love writing about health, life, trivia, and travels. I also do commissioned write ups. So, if you want to want to research something, or you want your biography to be written as a book, hit me a message. Visit the following sites: My book, JAPAN Lights and Shadows: Doctors Online: Express Yourself:
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Abuse of power?: A lady mayor knocks out a sheriff in southern Philippines
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Ex-Taiwan leader accused for misuse of public funds
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Iran condemns US for terrorism
WikiLeaks' cables reveal US twists Haiti's arm for its own interests
Incessant rains bring havoc to N Philippines
Italy: End the Libyan war
5 Abu Sayyaf members nabbed in southern Philippines
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Dengue vaccine out by 2015
Libya calls for global jihad vs. the West
SCO: NATO's would-be rival?
NATO kills Libyan rebels inadvertently, again
Falklands: Would word war turn into another armed war?
Afghanistan tops world's most dangerous countries for women
Yahoo! Japan, newspaper ordered to pay damages over old photo
Son says Gaddafi ready for an election, rules out exile
Iran intensifies efforts to combat Western-cultural invasion
World's first floating nuclear power plant being built by Russia
Settle the spat over Spratlys
Government, military porn users revealed by hackers
Gaddafi hides rockets, munitions in Leptis Magna, a World Heritage Site
S. Korean university chief-politician found dead in an apparent suicide
8-Year-old girl becomes third rabies survivor in the US
No aid from US on China-Philippines spat over Spratlys