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July 2009
Having majored in a pretty non-directional major (History) with two eclectic minors attached (Political Science and Visual Arts), it's probably quite obvious that, as a graduate, I have way too much time on my hands, having been handed a degree and expected to take life at a much more normal pace. In fact, after a month of being out of school and 'taking it easy,' I applied for the Peace Corps, but it's a long process and the waiting game has left me more anxious than confident. I hope to be serving in Africa this time next year. I swear I even cross my fingers in my sleep. I have two main passions in life: writing (or I would have quit my major a long time ago) and discussion. I find and hang tightly onto those in my life that help facilitate these passions and, being that I am extremely independent and strong-minded, I am sure it makes for enough interesting conversation that my friends enjoy our relationships too. Apparently I thought it was time to test this theory out on the world. Here's to hoping I won't be disappointed ... and neither will the world of readers available at my fingertips.
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