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May 2013
Love to write.
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Iraq in August: 800 died, 2000 wounded
To join Euro was a mistake by Greece: Angela Merkel
Chemical weapons must be punished: U.N. Chief
Humans Drive Global Warming, U.N. Upcoming Report Says
Forests of the European countries are showing a saturation point: latest research
Russia: Yelena Isinbayeva, world athletics 2013 talked about homosexuality and rainbow nailed athlete
No more recession for Eurozone
United States Economic Review
Mexico: state oil industry is planned to be available for private investors
UK: 4th worst wage decline among 27 EU countries since 2010
After suicide, nine more killed in gun attack on EID day
Quetta, Pakistan: 28 innocent died a day ago Eid in suicide attack
Kenya: Plume of smokes delayed hundreds of Passengers at JKIA
United Stated extends its foreign offices closer.
Thai oil spill reaches tourist resort
Wave of car bombings targets Iraqi Shi'ites, killing 44
Software experts attack cars, to release code as hackers meet
Driver investigated after 78 killed in Spain train crash
Pakistan says willing to help Afghan peace talks
Women Rights: Taliban-style edict for women spreads alarm in Afghan district
'Steadily improving' Mandela celebrates 95th birthday
Colorado town mulls license for drone hunting
Car bomb explodes outside mosque in Bahrain
'Intelligent' surgical knife can sniff out cancer tissue
Kashmir: Six protestors killed in Indian firing at Ramban district
India to probe school meal scheme after 23 children die
Asiana says it will sue TV station after pilot name gaffe
First batch of fighters reaches Syria, confirms Pakistani Taliban
Indian Flood: Almost 6000 missing are presumed dead
Egypt's Islamists take to streets of Cairo, but protests peaceful