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October 2010
With strong passion for knowledge and expression of thoughts, ideas, opinions, point of views and observations through "WRITING". Believes in One God, Religion is One and Mankind is One as embodied in the BAHA'I FAITH. A member of the academe and had served and still serving the cause of public secondary education in the Philippines being a faculty member of the Olongapo City National High School with a rank of MASTER TEACHER 11 and Principal 1 eligible for having passed the Principal Qualifying Examination on September 30, 2007. Similarly, had served the cause of collegiate & graduate education for seventeen years at Aura College with the rank of ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR 111. As awarded as "OUTSTANDING ROTARIAN" during the term of President Jessie Mariano of the Rotary Club of Subic Bay during Rotary Year 2009-2010. Served as Editor-in-Chief of Club Bulletin "The Freeport". Concurrent Secretary of Rotary Club of Subic Bay Freeport Zone INC during RY 2010-2011 under the Presidency of Sonny B. Almazan.
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Transnational killings & diplomat kidnappings in Libya
New Security Accord agreeable to both Manila and Washington
U.S Pres. Barack Obama to adopt 'objective and fair attitude" Chinese Pres. Xi Jinping urged
Let everybody give Africadian music a chance
Delia & Cynthia on weekend farm trek
Gordi Munro's tune and tone of the "New Race of Man"
ChaChaCha, place to go, see & hang-on in Barrie, Ontario, Canada
April 14, Bert Castillo & family, friends and Rotarians at Golden Dragon, SBFZ, Subic Bay, Philippines
Mike Chiari asked, "Whom will Pacquiao fight next?"
Wildly cautious truth laden talks about Pacquiao - Bradley 1 & ll match fights
Pacquiao - Bradley Rematch: Viewed as boxing event of the year
Alex Hribal's mass stabbing spree: A must lesson for present & future U.S. school heads and security guards
Specialist Ivan A. Lopez: Gallant soldier was induced as killing machine
What could have prompted Alex Hribal to perpetrate his stabbing spree?
What police & FBI agents could do more as Alex Hribal already handcuffed when they arrived on the scene?
Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) & Olongapo City are hosts to 2014 National Press Conference & 2014 National Festival of Talents (NFOT)
Afghans demonstrated Saturday presidential elections as their capability towards democracy
Who will be the next Afghan president?
Taliban inspired election hostilities mar today's Afghanistan presidential elections
Looking at Afghanistan presidential elections
PH - China Row goes nowhere with latter's absence on the negotiation table
Row on China over shoals and reefs in West PH Sea: National stake that necessitates full support
Philippines' complaint against China: What resolution to expect if China will boycott arbitral proceedings?
PH's case to UN tribunal is expression of civility
China has to respect applicable agreements and laws of the sea
Obama sanctions to de-Putin-ize Crimea
Case in point of Russian Will over Crimea and Sevastopol
War Zone Crimea Centuries pre-Putin's birth and presidency to annex it to Russia
President Vladimir Putin to develop Crimea: Will it be more of a ploy than an economic agenda?