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November 2010
Regular guy born/raised and lived all my life in Toronto, love this city and can't think of any place I would rather live.. Daniel .. Toronto, Canada http://dandmb50.wordpress.com/
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Politics: President Obama may ‘move on Syria and take a position on gun restrictions before election’
‘White only’ at swimming pool in Cincinnati, 2011, this is not 1940 – Owner says ‘No racism’
UPDATE: Colorado Theatre Shooting: James Egan Holmes ‘Many faces of pure evil’ suspect in court yesterday
Toronto shooting at night party, 2 dead, one toddler shot, 21 injured. We need ‘Stop-and-Frisk’ in our city NOW! And ‘Start snitching,’ it’s time
Discount cell phones, may not be discounts, just for the poor, or the smart. $3 fee to pay CASH
Outrage: Scaffolding accident from 2009, 4 migrant workers fall to death in Toronto, operators fined just $200,000
Teens pooling money, buying marijuana as a group, is it legal or illegal?
Breaking News: Trayvon Martin killing – Video just released of Zimmerman being arrested on February 26th
UPDATE: Trayvon Martin – Why only pictures of him as young ‘boy’ New revelations revealed @no_limit_nigga
UPDATES: Don Cherry rant (Video – HNIC) Saturday, March 3/2012, frothing at the mouth, and throwing papers, Toronto Maple Leafs finally win
UPDATE: Costa Cruise Line has another ship in trouble, Allegra is adrift in the Indian Ocean, no power
BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Italian Cruise Ship ‘Costa Concordia’ Captain, Schettino, found cocaine in his hair follicles
Whitney Houston – Has the media ‘jumped the gun’ on how she died – Rx drugs?
NHL regular season (82 games) Why are we talking about playoffs now?
NHL's sixth outdoor Bridgestone Winter Classic® at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor
Are these on-screen 'Tickers' getting out of control, 25% of the TV screen
Strange but true – man kills self, not found for 4 years in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Did NYPD police overstep their authority, in New York City, enter without warrant and kill Ramarley Graham
American Express offers cruise on Costa Concordia, oops, nice touch
UPDATE: Costa Concordia, confirmed death toll now ’16′ confirmed dead – Costa Cruises denies offering any discounts
UPDATE: Costa Cruise Line, offers 30% discount on ‘next cruise’ insulting, give me a break
UPDATE: Cruise Ship 'Costa Concordia' was there 'stowaways' on the ship of 4200?
UPDATE: Cruise Ship ‘Costa Concordia’ ‘Just go back to your cabin everything is OK’ – 13 confirmed dead
NEW UPDATE: Cruise Ship 'Costa Concordia' currently poised on a rock near shore, pending storm, may prey it loose and sink to the bottom
I'm not American, I don't live in the USA, but 70% of TV news is on Presidential election
UPDATE: Italian Cruise Ship 'Concordia' runs aground in Italy, Captain 'claims' he tripped and fell into the lifeboat
UPDATE: Italian Cruise Ship 'Costa Concordia' satellite photo, says it all
UPDATE: Italian Cruise Ship 'Costa Concordia' what's next, salvage, environmental disaster?
UPDATE: Italian Cruise Ship ‘Concordia’ runs aground in Italy, Captain arrested, 11 reported dead, dozens missing
BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Italian Cruise Ship ‘Concordia’ Captain faces up to 15 years in jail