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June 2009
....♥ Welcome to my AllVoices page. My name is China...yes like the country. I am 21y.o. and loving every minute of it. I am crazy, spontaneous, creative, cold hearted and mean. If you take the time to know me I am an awesome person and friend. I am a great listener and problem solver...I am in a relationship with Thomas aka Trulyz and we have a beautiful 1 year old daughter Alana. I live for the both of them. I am a family girl and a best friend. I am chunky and loving the baby fat. I am short and love that I can wear heels to be tall. I wear all colors of the rainbow. I dance for fun, and workout for balance. I eat everything although I think I am a diabetic [wont know til July]. I am currently writing a novel. I love B. Spears--always have--. I am fun and new. I like to party and some. I don't do drugs but can drink. Lol. So with the ending sentence I say--Enjoy n Peace!
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