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April 2009
I published my first book in 2010, it is entitled, "Sleeping on Marshmallows", and is about things that affect my daily life and how my thoughts unravel around them. The greatest gift I have ever been given is the love I have for words. I enjoy sitting quietly and browsing through my collection of dictionaries looking for words that I can play with and thinking of how I can fit them into what is current in my life at that moment. Since the sudden and very unexpected death of my husband last year (2011) I have had to concentrate on taking over and running his business and making a career for myself in the foundry and metal industries. I have so missed doing my reports on South Africa and have now decided it is time to find time to start writing once again. May my writing not only give information on the beautiful country I live in but also make the world a smaller place by written communication.
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