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February 2010
You may not know Barnhart by name but you’ll recognize his face as you’ve seen him on TV and film as well as headlining the top comedy clubs in Las Vegas for years. He is also a favorite at the top comedy clubs across the country and cruise ships around the world. In 2010, Don Barnhart received the International Performing Artist’s “Bob Hope Award” for his continued service performing and producing comedy shows for the troops stationed overseas. Barnhart has been performing and producing comedy shows for the troops around the world since his first USO tour back in 1992. He’s been everywhere from Bosnia to Afghanistan. Barnhart is also the only national headline comedian that also performs a seperate and equally funny comedy hypnosis show. Don combines well written, topical material and delivers it with a fast paced, high energy and animated improvisational flair that keeps audiences of all ages howling with laughter and coming back for more. Audiences say, “Barnhart has the wit and insight of George Carlin with the energy, delivery and characters of Robin Williams making Don funny on so many different levels".
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