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November 2009
I am a Linguist, Translator, interpretor: English, French, Arabic. For visitors to Tunisia, check out my bed & breakfast in Tunis, with fully furnished and comfy rooms available:
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Tunisian Arabic in 24 Lessons: Finally a book to learn Tunisian Arabic written by professionals!
"Tunisian Arabic in 20 Lessons", Best Seller & "Hot New Release" in Travel/ Foreign Language Instruction, in Amazon Kindle!
Syria horrible video: Are these the rebels who want democracy?
Horrible Video: Free Syrian Army make children Behead kidnapped Syrian civilians (+18)
2Day FM prank call
Tunisia: Siliana Exodus. Population leaves town in protest against Governor
Tunisia: Enahdha declares the official End of the Democratic Illusion
Leaked Video: Ghannouchi unveils plan to instaure Theocratic extremist state in Tunisia
Rached Ghannouchi calls for the destruction of USA interests all over the Islamic world
Raped Tunisian girl is charged by Tunis court
Netanyahu's Silly Bomb!
New photo of Seif Ghadafi in prison in Libya
medical staff plays the role of defender, saves team from a goal!
Raped tunisian girl tells her story: "they said they didn't want money", "I begged them for an hour to let me go"
Tunisian Girl savagely raped by 2 policemen, accused of indecent behavior in public!
Tourist takes photo of anti-riots policeman in tunis
iPhone 5 sold for 500.000 Dollars in UAE !
attack on USA embassy in Tunis: Nahdha party blamed for neglect...and complicity!
Bernard Henry Levy may be involved in anti-islam video
Protesters invade US embassy in Tunis, set fire (VIDEO)
حقيقة الفيلم الأمريكي المسيء للرسول
The weird, Abu Gharib-like Photo of US Amb. Chris Stevens, posing with Ghadafi's corpse
Tunis: violent protests and burning of the american flag
Christopher Stevens died of Suffocation by the fire. Two US marines killed defending embassy
The REMAKE of Ghadafi's death: US ambassador Christopher Stevens killed by US administration's close Allies!
Staying at Bed and Breakfast rooms in Tunis, Tunisia
The Guide To Tunisia Food
protesters destroy government headquarters in sidi Bouzid, home of Tunisia revolution