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Researchers calculate early universe's rate of expansion
Malaysian government: 'Best lead so far' detected in search for missing Malaysia Airlines plane
Israel warns of 'unilateral action' against Palestine if it pursues statehood
Counting underway in 'historic' Afghan elections
Afghans turn out in their millions to vote
Chinese vessel detects signal possibly belonging to MH370's black box
EU launches state-of-the-art satellite system to chart the Earth
Court sentences Mumbai rape case accused to death
Saturn moon provides strongest evidence for 'lake' beneath its surface
US admits to making 'Cuban Twitter'
US responds to Iran's nomination of alleged hostage taker as ambassador to UN
John Kerry says US not to write off Israel, Palestine peace talks
NATO suspends all cooperation with Russia
Senate report: CIA misled US government on interrogation
Al-Jazeera reporters on trial in Egypt declare accusations 'preposterous'
Malaysian authorities revise final message of flight 370
US and Russia begin 'crisis talks' on Ukraine
Egypt announces date for presidential election
Comet chasing Rosetta's lander reactivated after 3 years
Search efforts continue for MH370 but evidence has yet to be found
Google reveales world governments' requests for user information up by '120 percent' in 4 years
Detainee torture rampant in Egypt
Washington state mudslide death toll expected to rise 'substantially'
Egypt's Abdul Fatah al-Sisi steps down from military, prepares for Egyptian presidency bid
Scientists discover new dwarf planet far out in the Solar System
John Kerry to meet Palestinian president to urge talks with Israel
President Obama: Russia acting out of 'weakness' in the Ukraine
UN condemns 'unprecedented' Egyptian death sentence to 528 people
Death toll rises in Washington mudslide
Egyptian courts sentence 528 people to death