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May 2011
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The man who tried to kill President George W. Bush, has been arrested
Strangler above the Green River
Cook revealed the secrets of Korean regime
"IRS" in the United States has committed a fraud?
Germany can not withstand the pace of Poles
Forced landing - Passenger thrown out of plane for singing
Burma: sprung a leak boat with 100 people on board
Expert: mysterious mummy from Chile was not an extraterrestrial creature
WHO: a new strain of coronavirus, probably can be carried by humans
Poland: buried in the garden of 100 tons of fragments of bodies
England: Thousands of victims of "sexual sadism". The case was hidden for 60 years
Afghanistan: Seven U.S. soldiers were killed in two attacks
Fighting fires in California is expected to last more than a week
Israel: Syrian chemical weapons under full control of the government in Damascus
ANSA: confidential meeting with the participation of the Pope on the savings in the Roman Curia
Fire in commercial aircraft. Alarm at the airport in Helsinki
New Zealand authorities block the unusual names
Kyrgyzstan: U.S. military plane crashed
The first English settlers in North America were cannibals
China: attack the mutant virus, a serious threat to human health
North Korea: American sentenced to 15 years hard labor
United Kingdom: mother forced 14-year-old to get pregnant.
Obama and Putin discussed counter-terrorism cooperation
Affair managment in Bulgaria. The country is in a state of shock
Parents Dżohara and Tamerlane Carnajew, bombers from Boston, decided to leave the Dagestan away from the television cameras
British miners' trade unions about the death of Thatcher: It's a great day...
Francis Pope's message on the occasion of issuing the Shroud of Turin.
North Korea announced a state of war with South Korea
The largest cyber attack in the history of the Internet
Project Blue Beam - The largest hypnosis in human history