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I'm just a random chick with fairly liberal leanings, traipsing along on my own brand of enlightened political-sociology. Most agitated with the perpetual irrationality of today's ultraconservative-at-large, my pen abides my impassioned desire to admonish those seemingly destitute in the basic sense of the common and bereft in the habit of logical reasoning. My proclivity for imparting the thrust of my agitation via my odd cast of somewhat jaded sarcasm tends to elude and discombobulate more than acquaint and enlighten this certain political breed. I usually presume that I have well made my point when the perceptive-deficient fail to garner the gist of my tailored hypocrisy. Still, even presuming that my intended audience may well be ironically impaired or paradoxically penurious, I must write in my authentic voice and with my personal flair for explaining the otherwise obvious to the partially oblivious. It is a fallacious quagmire to be sure: To write with deliberate obscurity to a reader secure in his or her unaware ambiguity with only a glimmer of hope that I may - just once - induce even the merest of fleeting rational thought.

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