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April 2011
Hi. My name is Vicky. I am post graduate in Chemistry. I am an ex researcher in Govt lab now working as a Chemist in a Pvt OMC. I am married and father of one. My hobbies are stamp collection and fine arts( water color). I am experienced in pharmaceutical QC, QA and molecular biology research in Biopharmacueticals plus now oil and lubricant testing. I enjoy knowledge and want to share it with everybody. Take Care.
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The president of France Nicolas Sarkozy arrested.
Top 10 parasites that hide in the food.
Argentina VS Switzerland a rush to quarter-finals.
Rowling gives US $1.6 million against Scottish independence
Australia suggests that the MH370 fell due to lack of fuel.
Hindu nationalist party obtained overwhelming victory in India election.
The Russian Proton rocket fell on Earth after takeoff.
California: drought causes huge fire and forced the evacuation of more than 20000 homes.
Turkey: Violent protests breaks out after the collapse of the mine.
Vietnam: Thousands of Vietnamese assault and loot Chinese factories.
More than 232 killed by an explosion in a mine in Turkey.
Paula Castillo heat falls.
Washington does not recognize the illegal referendum in eastern Ukraine.
Boko Haram wants to exchange kidnapped girls in Nigeria.
Election record: Polls shut after five weeks in India.
NBA: Spurs lost at the last second and fall in the series.
A selection of offensive Chile prepares to fight the elite.
Young Italian was crushed by a giant crucifix.
NBA Playoffs: Dallas equaled San Antonio and Miami took more advantage.
Winds of War: Russia began military exercises on the border with Ukraine.
Israel suspended peace talks with the Palestinians by the agreement with Hamas.
One dead and three injured by landslide at mine in the North of Chile.
Santos reinstated Petro as mayor of Bogota.
Atletico Madrid will seek to again deny José Mourinho.
U.S. and France investigating new chemical weapons attack in Syria.
Record Transfer: Real Madrid would pay 110 million euros for Luis Suarez.
More than 36,000 athletes run in the Boston Marathon.
Caín Velásquez now has rival for fight in Mexico.
Roger Federer and Stanislas Wawrinka play the Swiss end of Montecarlo.
Goal by Luis Suarez and Liverpool dreams of winning the Premier League.