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April 2011
Hi. My name is Vicky. I am post graduate in Chemistry. I am an ex researcher in Govt lab now working as a Chemist in a Pvt OMC. I am married and father of one. My hobbies are stamp collection and fine arts( water color). I am experienced in pharmaceutical QC, QA and molecular biology research in Biopharmacueticals plus now oil and lubricant testing. I enjoy knowledge and want to share it with everybody. Take Care.
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Venezuelan Journalist Nairobi Pinto released after 8 days.
Chile: the dead rise to eleven after devastating fire in Valparaiso.
Japan's Government holds on nuclear power.
NATO reveals pictures of Russian Army at the Ukrainian border "could invade in minutes".
Pro-Russians Liberated Donetsk the Richest City of Ukraine.
Ukraine to cut gas destined for Europe if Russia cuts its supply.
NATO warns as Russia only needs 5 days to invade Ukraine.
Interminable Earthquake: Chile suffers ten replicates per hour.
Vettel won the best athlete of the 2013 Laureus Award.
Indian police arrested Waqas, one of the most wanted terrorists.
Colorado Plane Crash with No Survivors.
China sends more ships to help in the search Australia.
USA: Helicopter falls in Seattle.
France: Western leaders leave out Russia from the G8 Summit.
Annexation of Crimea: Obama quoted the G7 for an emergency meeting in Europe.
Despite warnings from the West, Putin recognized the independence of Crimea by decree.
Designer L'wren Scott girlfriend of Mick Jagger found dead.
Why Crimea wants to become Russian territory?
Angelina Jolie will take surgery to prevent ovarian cancer.
Despite international condemnation Crimea takes the referendum to annex Russia.
Security Council: Russia vetoed the resolution on the referendum in Crimea and China abstained.
Explosion and tragedy in a Hispanic neighborhood in New York At least two dead.
Interpol ruled out a terrorist attack on the missing plane of Malaysia Airlines.
Crimean parliament declared independence from Ukraine.
Bachelet inaugurated as president of Chile.
Ohio shooting leaves three dead and one injured.
Assange: NSA will soon to have the ability to spy on the world.
Bare Protest against Gender Oppressions in Paris.
Afghan governor killed in bomb attack.
One Palestinian killed and six injured in explosion in Gaza.