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December 2010
I am ex Barnsley college and Durham Univ English/arts graduate from years ago. I now got picked up by Ether books to write free for iphones. I am on as new writer. I did temp jobs and placements in my 20s and have worked on voluntary ventures in Barnsley churches in the past more now. I have done charity in shops until 2009, for some years off disabled, since I had a break down and had to work restricted due to a farcial ordeal of services saying I deluded a break in attacker which they said sorry for after 10 years. I am hoping to start earning a bit or at least be allowed to contribute voluntary to All voices, photo being added soon. I am and have been updating music study I did years ago and trying to do 7/8 theory exams but may need help of Sheffield music service and pay a bit saving coffee money. I am hoping to try to do a diploma but have no idea if my self train efforts will work, time will tell. Would appreciate anyone plugging me and particularly putting comments to update my ratings, my ratings being good on all voices for starter. Tracy Allott.
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