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August 2009
Media and public relations associate with Gnosis Arts Multimedia Communications, LLC, Bedminister, NJ
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An Ode to the Daemon Theory of British Author Anthony Peake
Tonawanda News Journalist writes of Gay Teen Mom's Plight with NY Courts
Decision to Deny Appellant's Motion Endangers Parental Rights in America
State’s Highest Court Rejects Mother’s Motion for Leave to Appeal in Educational Neglect Case
The News is Now Public? Mike Tippett and his producers
Actress Elizabeth Di Prinzio of The Devil Within Guests on Eye on Entertainment on Time Warner Cable
Dawna Lee Heising of EOE Interviews Producer Randy Aldridge, Bill Oberst Jr., Elizabeth DiPrinzio, Alex Aldridge and Sarah Kathryn Harrison of The Devil Within
Loft Ensemble Production of Award-winning Play TRACERS Closes on June 29, 2010
Dawna Lee Heising of EOE Interviews Versatile Character Actor Bill Oberst Jr. of Grooming Giselle
Boy Scouts against City of Brotherly Love on Gay Rights
Plaintiffs, Bereaved Family of Melinda Duckett, File Response to CNN/Nancy Grace's Motion
GENDA up before NY State Judiciary Committee
In Iowa Polls, Divergent views on gay marriage ban vote
Award-winning Actor Hector Bustamante Guests on Eye on Entertainment on Time Warner Cable
SC State Senator calls President and SC Candidate, "Ragheads"
25 year old New Yorker Uniting LGBTs with challenge to state Senator
Liberty Counsel Attorney Matt Barber Rebukes Obama for LGBT Month
NYC Gay "Illegal Weddings" Event on Hudson June 6
Court Battle in Minnesota to Overturn Ban on Gay Marriage is Risky
O'Reilly on Gay McDonald's Ad
GOP Senator Outed from the Closet After DADT Repeal Vote
Great Britain's Mr. Anthony Peak on Zone Unknown , City Talk Radio Liverpool
Haggard Announces New (Gay-Friendly?) Church
France's Gay-Friendly Ads for McDonald's
Churches Thwart Gay Marriage in the Land Down Under
Iowa GOP members Seek to Amend Constitution on Marriage
MN Senator John Marty Slams NOM Anti-Gay Marriage Ads
The Philosophy of the Young Writer: Daniel June
Mom of Gay Teen Heads to New York State Court of Appeals
Reaction to Rand Paul on Civil Rights is historically-based, not partisan