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February 2011
Thanks for checking out my news page. A little about me: At 25, I became the youngest host on America's Shopping Channel in El Cajon, CA until a year and a half later when QVC purchased the station. My agent, DiStevens, kept me busy acting and modeling in TV commercials and a Brock's dept store music video. My print work included modeling for the spring and fall fashion layouts in the Bakersfield Californian newspaper. I played Sue in Authur Murray's "All My Sons" at Cottage Theatre--The Cottage Grove Sentinel review referred to me as "intriguing" and read, "When she lays into Ann, she leaves both her and the audience gasping for breath." I was co-editor of the 1980 CGHS yearbook entitled "Yes We Can!" (We were saying it before Barack Obama!) I was prom queen my senior year, in the hall of fame I was chosen "Best Dancer." At the University of Oregon, in 1980, I was a duck flag twirler for the marching band. I am an avid overachiever and most recently have returned to Pierce College and carry an overall 3.9 GPA, with a 4.0 the past three semesters. My book review was published in Serval Son: Spots and Stripes Forever, in press releases on the web and parts of it in a local newspaper. Also, I love to write about freedom, about America and "In God we trust"--therefore, I write often about Ron Paul 2012. I have always loved to create, write, act, speak, sing, and dance. Your typical Myer's Briggs ENFP; as soon as I conquer one thing, I am off to the next accomplishment. Most recently I have become a prolific wordsmith. I am a copy writer and a born journalist--I cannot meet someone new without asking them numerous questions. If I look like I am daydreaming, most likely I am writing the next article in my head. Twitter: @StephEaly Weight loss YouTube Channel: StephEaly1 Email: Age-defying site:
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