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July 2009
I am 27 and I am very passionate about life! I love the outdoors, hiking, climbing and whitewater rafting. I live near Chattanooga Tennessee and moved here from Knoxville when I was 20. My goal was to graduate from Lee University, something that I have wanted since I was 5. Instead I realized that life cost money, it was depressing but true. I ended up starting my education at a community college, even that was tough. Over the years I have pressed to succeed on my own. I finally have a degreee!I have had to fight for all of the great things in my life and I know there are tons of people out there just like me. My parents regret not having an education and being able to teach me about finances but I am content. I appreciate everything in my life. My goal is to help those who have to start life out a step behind. I love everything financial, everything political, and everything environmental.
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