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Tilford addresses group of fiscal conservatives in LaCrosse, Kansas about national debt
Robert Tilford urges police to set up a system that allows community members to submit crime tip messages anonymously
Robert Tilford announces run for city commissioner in LaCrosse, Kansas
Robert Tilford of Kansas debates Muslim on hadith and Sunna teachings vs Quran
Tilford urges Kansas lawmakers to expand evacuation zone around Wolf Creek Nuclear plant from 10 to 50 miles
The Question of who leaked the name and location of Russian defector in the U.S. remains a mystery
"War with Iran could be very deadly for both sides", says Robert Tilford, former US Army Infantryman in rare interview.
Tilford, more intelligence resources should be brought to bear on Kansas drug problems!
Political dog fight over Kansas state income tax cuts go public in a big way in op-ed over the week end!
Tilford takes action behind the scenes in spy case!
Tilford says some Homeless people in Phoenix are living in rental storage units!
Tilford met with Maricopa county officials to propose the building of plywood houses for homeless in Phoenix, Arizona
Tilford says Kansas law enforcement should use INTERPOL databases to fight crime!
Robert Tilford responds to the question "are Republican racists" in Town Hall meeting that leave people talking afterwards.
Former US Army Infantryman says the US is not ready for a Mumbai like terrorist attack
Tilford reports on his Facebook account that he received a letter from Vice President Joe Biden regarding veterans
Tilford outs Hauwei for spying!
Robert Tilford - new advocate for health care reform in Kansas.
Robert Tilford vs Senator Brownback - battle over healthcare reform!
Robert Tilford makes news again - this time identifying a known Hamas spy who infiltrated the FBI, Citizens Training Academy!
Robert Tilford blasts Sam Brownback on healthcare reform at town hall meeting!
Robert Tilford takes on Kansas Republican party on Health care!
Tilford wanted nationwide criminal background checks on nurses, CNA's and other health care professionals in Kansas!
Kansas man suspected in hacking terrorist websites around the world denies allegations!
Russian Spy Master found dead on a beach in Turkey, possibly murdered by Syrian Intelligence agents - who were the last ones to see him alive!
Tilford requests Rush County Emergency Management Officials use social networking sites to better communicate with the public