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July 2010
Former soldier US Army, infantry. MOS: 11B1P *Graduate of the US Army Infantry School at Ft. Benning, Georgia. *Graduate US Army Airborne School, Ft. Benning, Georgia. *Studied Ethics at Phoenix College. Religion at Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, Arizona Author: "Digital Espionage are you at risk" and "Social Networking sites and the military". See profile on facebook, Twitter LinkedIn and stumbleupon.
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CIA spy's recollection of “Rice Drop” in Laos during the Vietnam war
Iranian military commander warns the US against underestimating Iran
US engages in economic warfare against Russia
“We are actively reviewing Ukraine's request for military assistance materials”, said Secretary Hagel
Al-Qaeda magazine urges attacks on US locations using car bombs and IED's
Interesting debate on serious mental illness and violence
Magellan IHH model in Arizona criticized for relying too much on nurse practitioners instead of doctors
Should Rep. Radel have access to classified information in Congress?
Military short of blood for wounded in Afghanistan – solicits help from the American public
The President's club
Air Force General with serious drinking problem promoted to Assistant Commander for the Air Force Space Command
What does former FBI agent Robert Hannsen know about Flight 800 crash?
Pentagon may have preformed medical experiments on Guantanamo detainees
Ft. Riley soldier advocates the military use mountain bikes for war
Most rape victims in the U.S. military are men
The Secret Prayer of Jesus
U.S. military strike without specific approval by U.N. Security Council would be a violation of international law
CIA operatives operating inside Syria with U.S. trained rebel units
Australian troops accused of cutting the hands' off dead militant in Afghanistan
Russia's diplomatic intervention in the Syrian crisis is "welcome news", says Congressman Tom McClintock
Ghost Adventures team proves the reality of the unseen
"A large number of those who oppose Assad are affiliated with al-Qaeda", says Rep. Gosar
Pravda reporting that Syrian special forces are inside the U.S. posed to strike in the event of war
Road mobile ICBM missile threat from North Korea
U.S. meat products tainted with ractopamine
ISAF announces the capture of a Haqqani terrorist in Logar province, Afghanistan
The fight to keep Secret Service protection for America's oldest living president
Say no to a cat food Christmas, says Kucinich
Lieutenant General William Caldwell instrumental in cover up of scandal in Afghanistan
Al-Qaeda and the Taliban working together in Pakistan