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February 2010
I am what I call an "Intellectocrat" What is an Intellectocrat? Good question, I am the inventor of the term so I wouldn't expect anyone to find it in any dictionary. Essentially it is a person who advocates for the intellectual in all things. An intellectocrat characteristically possesses an intense love for learning and believes that freedom lies in the expansion of the mind/wisdom. They are by and large analytical and aim to think critically in all situation. Politically they align across the spectrum but a prevailing idea is the belief in the establishment of an Intellectocracy form of government. What is an intellectocracy? I recently wrote a scholarly paper coining this idea. It took me several pages to introduce this idea in the paper so I wont try to explain it here. However I would be more then happy to explain it to anyone who wishes to know in an email through this site. Essentially, an intellectocracy is a form of government that champions the intellectual and holds these persons in highest regard. Currently I am a student. My occupation is and will always be a student as any good Intellectocrat will always be a student. That being said, I am also an aspiring actor/writer and I hope that one day to run for political office. It is my full intention to attend law school after I complete my B.A. in Poli-Sci. Currently I have achieved an Associates Degree in Philosophy. PS- Please do not comment on my work if you do not have a profile picture uploaded, thank you!
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