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May 2009
An Accountant by trade. Born and raised in New York and currently reside in New Jersey.My goal in this endeavor is to provide some insights and points of view that may not necessarily be those expressed by the Mainstream Media or the Politically correct. I am not bound to the Government, special interest groups or identity politics. I am bound and driven to try and give opinions, different perspectives and raise questions to relevant subject matter that for the most part goes under reported.I will not be politically correct or cowered into saying what I don't believe.I hope that people will be inspired in some way to challenge the status quo and exercise their freedoms of expression to open up debates about issues that are relevant and shape the lives of others and ours. All elected officials work for us not the other way around, so if they do not perform it is within our power to do something about it. God Bless America and God Bless all of us.
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Secretary of State John Kerry "Swiftboating" our strongest ally in Middle East.
Honduran president: Reducing violence will curb surge of children at US border
Carmelo Anthony just another high priced hypocrite
Obama still allowing Saul Alinsky tactic “Never let a good crisis go to waste” to define his presidency
Pro athletes all too hypocritical and thin skinned when it comes to race issues and their own bad behavior
Obama's claim "If you like your healthcare plan you can keep it", named lie of the year.
Obama's selfie at Mandela's funeral was rude and inappropiate
Twenty-five percent of Obamacare applications during Oct/Nov enrollment period contained errors.
BREAKING NEWS: MSNBC Host Martin Bashir calls it quits.
Health insurers to get paid for Obamacare subsidies based on honor system
Fast-food restaurant workers: The SEIU's next unsuspecting victim
Sarah Palin finally vindicated on her claims that Obamacare contained death panels.
JFK's 1962 speech on tax cuts is exactly the solution that Republicans have been preaching for the past 50 years
Report: Rigged jobs report right before 2012 elections may have helped keep Romney out of White House
Obama's health-care fix only shifts blame elsewhere
House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio all but puts an end to Immigration Reform negotiations in the foreseeable future.
President Obama offers forced & inauthentic apology as millions continue to lose their healthcare coverage.
Roderick Scott & George Zimmerman. Both killed 17 year old teens but only one is being persecuted. Why?
Rand Paul: Obama lucky not to be in jail for drug use
DHS is stockpiling ammo, but liberals wring their hands over armed citizens
Pew Research Study: MSNBC content is 85 percent opinion and only 15 percent factual
Hollywood liberal Bill Maher says taxes on rich too high
Obama tells Dems that without changes to entitlements, Medicare will not survive
Four years in the making, Senate budget proposal does nothing to reduce deficit
Report confirms that Obama is lying to American people about energy production
Rep. Lynn Jenkins thinks Obama has an 'addiction to spending'
Only in America can a mediocre ballplayer like Robinson Cano ask for $189 million
Sequester will not have an impact on the Obama’s rich and famous lifestyle
Washington lacks leadership, courage to deal with sequester
After watching this video, you could make the argument that the internet does more harm to our kids than guns or assault rifles