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August 2008
The Punditty Project features Darren Richardson as the pundit, the punster, and even Punditty himself. Three hats, same head. He sees The Punditty Project as a virtual one-person newspaper featuring politics, news, sports, opinions, humor, original photography, entertainment stories and just about anything newspaper readers might find, only without the paper. Darren was managing editor of The American Pundit political writing contest in 2012-13 and is currently a Select Media editor for Allvoices in addition to being a regular contributor. He worked in daily journalism for more than 15 years as a professional headline writer and copy editor, most recently for the San Francisco Chronicle. Additionally, he worked at daily newspapers in Kentucky and Illinois in the early 1990s before moving to California. Darren has been an Allvoices contributor since the 2008 presidential campaign. Darren served as an Army journalist in the Missouri National Guard, 1984-1990. He graduated from the Defense Information School, then located at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Ind., in 1985. He holds a B.A. in English (1990) from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. Contact info: punditty2014 at gmail dot com
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GOP disavowal of impeachment talk could put Palin back in presidential hunt for 2016
Even just a little running reduces mortality risk, study in cardiology journal finds
Boehner says there are 'no plans' to impeach Obama, blames Democrats for 'scam'
It's unofficial, but it's a campaign: Rand Paul plans three-day tour of Iowa
More Americans avoiding soda as awareness of health risks increases, Gallup survey finds
With first lady's help, Democrats launch effort to boost voter turnout
New York Times editorial calls for legalizing marijuana but omits one important word
Earth barely escaped solar storm disaster in July 2012, NASA says
Baseball greats, fans gather in Cooperstown for star-studded Hall of Fame induction
Palin's talk of impeaching Obama only serves to mobilize Democrats ahead of midterms
Marijuana legalization measure makes November ballot in Oregon
GOP's voter-enthusiasm edge driven by middle-income earners, Pew survey reveals
Red Cross needs blood donations, says ‘emergency situation' could develop soon
Is your dog the jealous kind? Study finds a lot of canines are
Voter turnout drops to record lows across nation, leading to bleak outlook for midterms
Jerry Brown presidential bid in 2016 not as unlikely as it may seem
Beach outings are good medicine for ‘children' of all ages
45th anniversary of moon landing brings memories, a sense of wonder
Summer soundtrack suggestions for rockers of a certain age
If you like the way you look, chances are you've exercised recently
Fish oil may protect against brain damage from alcohol abuse, researchers find
Clinton speaks out on downed Malaysian jet, says Europe needs to get tough with Russia
Former FDA commissioner says proposed food labeling changes don't go far enough
On Derek Jeter's night, American League prevails in MLB All-Star Game
Successful marketing of nostalgia hinges on pricing, placement, consumer memories
A's, Angels make AL West MLB's top division at All-Star break
Comedian Tracy Morgan sues Walmart, seeks jury trial in wake of fatal crash
How we think of exercise influences dietary choices, Cornell study finds
Gallup: US Muslims, Jews, atheists rate Obama higher than Christians do
Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina to undergo thumb surgery, will miss up to 12 weeks