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February 2011
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World Cup Rugby defined all pairs of 1 / 4 finals
Hacheridi out of action for at least a month
Some terrestrial microorganisms can survive on Jupiter
In California, 12 000 prisoners went on hunger strike
Victims of major terrorist attacks in the Somali capital
Two Somali pirates received a life sentence for the seizure of the American yacht
Called the Nobel Prize in Physics
Australian set a record by staging the biggest parade in a bikini
Gallery: One month before the opening. Lions Arena in September
In Kabul, held the first in many years, the rock festival
In Libya, in a mass grave discovered the bodies of 60 opponents of Gaddafi
In Russia believes that NATO can not be used against them obsolete Ukrainian radars
Contrast the performance of the Arab markets and a slight decline in Saudi
Group, "Ali Baba" is interested in acquiring Yahoo
China launches "heavenly palace" .. The first building block in the space station
Three scientists share Nobel Prize for Medicine
Esperance enhance the opportunity to qualify for the final African Champions
In Madrid, will open the world's first nursing home for gays
Germany has spent on the campaign in Afghanistan 17 billion euros
Yemen denies the death of the chief specialist of al-Qaida bomb-making
Saving the economy of Europe will cost more than two trillion euros - economist
Obama said he was horrified by Lady GaGa
New government of Libya announced a two-day truce in al-Gaddafi's hometown
In Voronezh, due to a fire in a mental hospital evacuated more than 100 people
Qatar is investing in the economy of Greece, more than 1.2 billion euros
Games aliens. Laptop Review Dell Alienware M11x
Barcelona beat Real Madrid record half a century ago
In October, world population will reach seven billion
The Russian GLONASS-M satellites successfully launched into orbit
Greece agreed to withdraw from the staff more than 30 thousand public servants