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June 2009
Things you should know about me: I am not always what I seem. I prefer canine to human companionship most of the time. I hate lying, selfishness and ignorance. I love to read. Vegan. Atheist. I am far too honest and opinionated, but I am also genuine, thoughtful and generous. I am emotional and materialistic. I'm a terrible judge of character and very impatient. I am fascinated by people. I am the most positive negative person you may ever meet. I am a very liberal conservative. I own my own business in addition to my day job as an IT professional. I am also an aspiring writer. I love burned popcorn, Mark Ryden, books, the fleur de lis (and any other anglo-european symbols), the flying spaghetti monster, guns, tattoos and the UK. I work too hard. It is my personal goal to get better every day. I am my own worst critic. I am obsessive compulsive. I give people way more credit than they deserve. I hate wasting time. I am an addicted altruist with just a dash of go-f***-yourself and the LA Vegan Examiner.
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