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May 2010
Michelle is a Freelance Writer,/Journalist Passionate about life in Barrie, Simcoe County, Canada. Michelle enjoys reporting local events for her fans both locally and worldwide! An actress, director, producer, history buff, earth mother, free spirit and chocolate afficionado, Michelle's chronicles 'Diaries of a Nostalgic Muse' recently published in the Great North Arrow and online, are eagerly anticipated by followers, as she is led down a trail of rural hauntings. The Tickle Trunk columns inspire family fun with a dramatic flair, as Michelle brings back the old fashioned charm of rural life and simpler times. Michelle is an avid observer of humanity and is intensely interested in many diverse topics, about which she may feel compelled to write about at any given time! Please follow Michelle's writings here, below in her blog, 'Madame Butterfly's Musings', or on Twitter and Facebook, and please stop by to say hello!
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