Lori VanNatta

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May 2010
Small town girl at heart who was born and raised in southern Wisconsin, never lived anywhere other than Wisconsin and Madison was the largest city. With a degree in Radio-TV Journalism and a Management Emphasis, there are few opportunities to follow that career path here. However, it is where I promised my children we would live. Professional experience includes: Legislative Assistant, Long Term Substitute Teacher with at risk and Special Education children, Philanthropic foundations, and Banking. Working three jobs to make ends meet for the three of us. Sick and tired of being sick and tired from paying too much in taxes while lazy people and illegals live it up on my dollar. Single mom of two of the greatest young people in the entire world! One less conservative than me and one much more! She will teach Special Education children and make the difference I did not get to make. He will do whatever he wishes and do it well! They are my alpha and my omega. My world revolves around them and I will become a lioness who will rip off the head of anyone who infringes upon them! When I tried writing for Allvoices before I left because of the liberals and one in particular who became fixated on my children. A word to the wise, I will not be silenced, but leave my darlings out of it!!!
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