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March 2011
Amateur reporter on the struggles of workers and the poor in the Philippines
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PALEA calls on Ramon Ang to drop charges against members
PALEA slams arrest of another member
PALEA calls for release of detained member
PALEA condemns arrest of member
Social protection network pushes for agenda-based ‘13 polls
Akbayan disqualification is hypocritical, says labor party
Cybercrime law a product of low quality legislation, sloppiness of P-Noy
Contractualization slammed in “Global Day of Action”
Security of tenure bill to be pushed in “Day of Action vs. Outsourcing”
Airline unions to join PALEA in “Global Day of Action”
PALEA vows “Never again outsourcing” on its 66th anniversary
PALEA calls on new PAL management to drop criminal charges vs. members
Labor cries foul over Pasay judge ruling against PALEA
PALEA slams arrest warrants on 39 members
PALEA calls on PAL stockholders to reinstate regular workers
Ateneo CRUSADA stand on the RH bill
Appeal for Solidarity with Victims of Floods in the Philippines
Labor group supports clamour on the vote for the RH bill
Labor party calls for strict regulation of labor standards in BPO industry
PALEA holds protest as 234 members threatened with arrest
Aquino’s SONA: Long in duration, short on its claim
Aquino's SONA: Long in duration, short on its claim
“New path of development” called for in counter-SONA
Groups present sorry state of labor in pre-SONA forum
Philippine workers rally against $1B loan to IMF for Eurozone austerity
Philippine workers slam loan to IMF for Eurozone austerity
Groups say ADB harms workers in the Philippines
Militant labor slams PNoy’s rejection of wage hike
Reviving labor unity and struggles amidst the global rebellion of the 99%
Tucuma residents appeal to Catholic Church for support