Gladys Alegado

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June 2011
Gladys, the name which my parents (Soledad and Francisco Alegado) gave to me when I came out on the 26th day of March, 1994. To be exact, I’ve been living on this marvelous place of Earth for seventeen years and hoping to live longer to see if some scientists are telling the truth that robots will dominant humans in the future generation. I have two sisters who are very fun to be with sometimes. I do love doing house hold chores especially when I am the only person in our house. I would rather wash the dishes than doing the laundry. I studied in a private school, since Nursery up to Grade Two but because of financial problems my parents sent me to public school from Grade Three until I graduated from Elementary. When I reached High school, they sent me back to private school. Where I graduated from Roosevelt College San Mateo. Now, I am studying in Polytechnic University of the Philippines taking up BSBA Major in HRDM. I love pink stuff, even a small dot of pink. Someday, I’ll have my own pink mansion with full of pink stuff. I do love listening to my friends, hanging out with them, making fun out of them and especially, listening and watching some epic movies or stories. I like being surrounded my people I truly loved. If you will ask me, I’d rather watch international movies than local movies. I support local movies but it doesn’t give me satisfaction that I need. When I’m bored, I listen to music; watch Phineas and Ferb and favorite movies. I’m a big fan of World Wrestling Entertainment; watching wrestling makes my stress go away. It makes me more energetic. I’m also a true BELIEBER; I started loving him since One Time up to his Someday. I do surf the internet also, I have Facebook, Twitter, Formspring, Tagged, Tumblr, and MyYearbook. I do chat with stranger but not to be friends. Everybody says that they think I’m mean which is true. I do look bad to people because that is how my eyes do but the truth is I’m a loving person. I do laugh to their jokes if it is really funny. I always dream to go to heaven and check if it really exists. I hope to be a successful person someday, to see Justin Bieber, to watch a live wrestling match and to be one of the billionaire in the whole world. I'm the girl that your ex girlfriend will hate; the girl that your mom will absolutely love & the girl that you will never forget. ;) T A K E N :)
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