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April 2010
My name is Hassan Osman Abdi, a Somali citizen and journalist. I have been working as journalist for more than 10 years. I had worked with several local and international newspapers, FM radios, televisions. For more send your email to:- xasanabwaan@hotmail.com
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Somali journalists lose their right to make stories from Turkish premier in Mogadishu
TFG, AMISOM took over most of Somali capital in heavy gun battle, 30 dies in clashes
Top Al shabab officials killed in an ambush military attack in central Somalia
Al shabab bans aid agencies in Somalia once again, people die for famine
Al shabab captures newly appointed family affairs minister in Jowhar town
Somali PM appoints new cabinet ministers, president welcomes
Al shababa militias give ultimatum warning to people in Afgoe town
High delegations from the UN hold talks with TFG officials in Mogadishu
Somali parliament approves Kampala accord
Mogadishu governor expresses concern over drought affected Somalis
Puntland military court sentences 50 soldiers in Bosaso town
Parliament’s meeting totally ends shouting, misunderstanding
Somali PM meets with Puntland’s president Farole, discuss more on formation of new cabinet
Somali ambassador to Kenya express concern for lives of Somali refugees in Kenya
People: ‘What will come out from today’s parliamentary session over Kampala accord in Mogadishu?’
High delegation led by Somali reach in South Sudan City Jubba
Al shabab bans selling Kat in areas under their control
Al shabab officer: ‘We shall take action against the people seen fleeing from droughts in regions under our control’
Islamist leader: ‘it seems the Arab world forgot us’
Calm returns to war zones in Mudug region, death toll rose to 30
Clannish fighting kills 20 in Mudug, Somali president calls clashes to be halted very soon
Somaliland jails 10 people in Las Anod town
Somali Prime Minister walks around war zones in Mogadishu, vows fighting against al shabab
TFG governor:'We killed 12 fighters from al shabab militias in southernSomalia'
Somali PM vows his government would crush al shabab very soon, asks to help people
More than 400 parliamentarians approve newly elected Prime Minister of Somalia
Sentenced US, UK and Kenyans departed from Mogadishu airport after forgiving Somali president
Government official: ‘Aid agencies are in Somalia for only spying, not helping weak people’
Bodies of beheaded soldiers seen in Puntland’s port town Bosaso
More government troops trained in Kenya, Ethiopia vow they would remove Al shabab from southern Somalia