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June 2009
I have a B.A. in Political Science with a minor in Economics. I was raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil where I graduated the American High School (Graded School), and have lived and worked in Mexico, Venezuela and traveled extensively, including spending 8 months in Paris. I speak 7 languages and am the daughter of Europeans, my father from Vienna and my mother from Czechoslovakia. I had an interpreting and translating agency in Los Angeles and did technical translations as well as working as both a court and medical interpreter. My agency specialized in exotic languages and I trained interpreters for depositions in these languages. I was active in this field during the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. I have worked in the fields of Medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and represented the Atomic Energy of Canada in its Industrial Products (research irradiators and irradiation plants for medical and agricultural products). I am also a licensed esthetician in both California and Florida and worked with doctors in clinical esthetics. I am currently finishing translating and co-authoring a book on Cyberterrorism. I am currently fascinated with and trying to learn about Markets and I'm learning how to trade them. I subscribe to the theory of Chaos and Socionomics. I am fascinated by diversity, have lived and enjoyed participating and learning in many cultures, but I am politically a Conservative, believing in small government and free markets and I believe in mutual respect. Therefore, I am tolerant towards all, but intolerant of the intolerant (it's only fair)! I'm on Facebook and Twitter and consider myself lucky for having met so many wonderful and fascinating people in my life. Each one has contributed to enriching me and I am glad to share this.
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