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August 2011
I am Freelance writer writing in different fields , I hope every one like my reports and I am wating your comments
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Egyptian court jails more than 100 Mohamed Morsi supporters
Egypt court bans Muslim Brotherhood members from elections
Egypt arrests Syrian civil war veteran accused of terrorism
Egyptian Police Kill 2 Muslim Brotherhood Members
Egypt upholds jail sentence of 3 revolution activists
Controversial lawyer Mortada Mansour announces to run for Egypt presidency
23 killed in tribal clashes in Egypt
Bombs at Egypt university kill police official, injure five
Egypt to hold presidential elections in late May
Egypt army empower by taking charge of UAE aid
Egyptian woman journalist killed in Cairo clashes
Saudi Arabia names Prince Muqrin bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud as Second Crown Prince
President Mansour Appoints Gen. Sedki Sobhi As Egypt New Defense Minister
Egypt military chief Abdul Fattah al-Sisi resigns and will run for president
Vladimir Putin: Russia intends to bolster partnership with Arab League
Qatari Prince calls for political dialogue in Egypt
Arab League summit held amid divisions
Egypt sentences 529 Muslim Brotherhood members to death
Egypt seek importing weapons from Russia
Egypt court bails leading leftist activist Alaa Abdel Fattah
Does Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Will Dry Nile River in Egypt ?
Egypt : Morsi's supporters stand trial in mass court hearing
Hamas said Egypt closing Gaza border criminal
Israeli warplanes strike Syrian military sites escalate tensions
Israel urges U.S. not to cancel sale of Apaches to Egypt
One killed as Islamist students protest across Egypt
Egypt army officers killed in gunfight with militants in Nile Delta
Gunmen kill six Egyptian army officers at Checkpoint
Egypt's Ahmed Shafiq out of race; backs Sissi
Egypt's army chief Sedki Sobhi meets with US Air Force Commander