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March 2010
With each coming day, the world is going forward with swift changes and numerous happenings. One has to keep pace with latest happenings to make oneself well-versed in rapid changing environment. This perception has developed a keen aspiration in me for writing. I have started writing as I think writing has a potential to bring an influence and positive results for any desired campaign. Whether it is Sports, Environment, Science, Technology, Politics, or Travel; I like to cover all spheres of life to share different views and news. I have started freelance writing with a goal oriented attitude. I have served different local newspapers in journalism and article writing. I am a Graduate Engineer. My passion for writing is what drives me, to get effective contribution.
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“Prince of Persia; the Sands of Time” released
Ban lifted from Shoaib Malik; he would be back to cricket soon
Eurovision final 2010 on 29th May
Gary Coleman of “Different Strokes” Dead at 42
Tesla and Toyota partner to compete with Nissan
Senate approves financial regulation bill
South Korea Ship was sunk by North Korea
Bret Michaels hospitalized again; after having warning stroke
Dennis Blair, National Intelligence Director, resigns
Ignition Interlock device will be used to check blood alcohol concentration of drunk drivers in many States
Chris Dudley won 40% vote to win republican nomination
Campbell brown decided to leave CNN
Against Iran Sanctions; New resolution by UN, supported by US, China and Russia
Hewlett Packard shares climbed up after increased Earnings beating expectations
San Jose Sharks defeated by 4-2 in Game 2 by Blackhawks
Proposition 100 results; a campaign to raise the Arizona State Sales Tax
Arlen Specter in GOP Senate Race
Bangkok Protests and Government initiatives to stop it by Army troops
Rand Paul defeated Trey Grayson of Republican party for Senate
BP's successful attempts at plugging oil leak
12 years old Greyson performed exceptionally and got a record deal by Interscope Records
Miss USA 2010 Winner; Miss Michigan got the Crown
Brothers and Sisters Season Finale 2010
Freedom of press act will be signed as law by Obama
Survivor finale: who is going to be the sole survivor?
Tobi Oyedeji dies in tragic car accident
BA strike and volcanic ash misery: passengers panicking
Heavy metal icon Ronnie James Dio dies at 67
Miss USA 2010; who wins and gets the crown?
Smashburger: a burger chain for food lovers