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June 2010
SHOWCASING YOUR UNIQUE TALENT™ is a streaming media network channel that covers Hollywood in the moment. takes its global audience on an exciting ride through the real life of Hollywood celebrities by writing juicy and interesting blogs with Unique Artistic Images with class and some Latin flavor to spice it up. If it is happening in Hollywood, it is happening online. The polularity of Hollywood celebrities are ranked by the approximately 110 million U.S. television viewers and by the Hollywood media. utilizes the over 1.3 billion global online internet surfers who use Google to search the internet 24/7 to evaluate the popularity of your favorite Hollywood celebrities. bases its Celebrity News reports and Unique Artistic Images on the 1.3 billion global online fans that are web-searching for news about a particular Celebrity - not on the 110 million U.S. television viewers that may or may not be watching Entertainment News programs on TV. You do the math. If I were a celebrity, I would prefer to be popular among a small percentage of 1.3 billion global online fans rather than a larger percentage of the regular U.S. television watching fans. The online fans have the numbers! So follow your favorite celebrities in and see if the online fans make your favorites go to the Top of the CyberHollywood world. The celebrity favorite tally may change who is at the top every day. Start watching and participate in this new and exciting online community. Reach Millions! Place your Logo and Website Address on our Animated Billboard Images. Founder Carlos Baez Address: Aventura,FL E-Mail: Tel: 954-829-1170
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